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Rarible comes together with Tezos blockchain platform



Rarible comes together with Tezos blockchain platform

Rarible is expanding its list of blockchain support as NFT hype continues. The leading marketplace for NFTs will now support the Tezos blockchain network.

On December 15th, Rarible announced that it will now support the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain platform, Tezos. With this partnership, Rarible will now feature Tezos NFTs on its marketplace and enable buyers to buy, sell and create “energy-efficient NFTs” that will cost only a few cents.  The deal will also allow the secondary sales of project in the Tezos ecosystem. 

Rarible comes together with Tezos blockchain platform

Rarible’s Integration

Owing to tremendous network activity and surging interest, Tezos has become the third blockchain after Ethereum and Flow to be integrated into Rarible. Earlier this week, the gaming industry giant, Ubisoft too announced collaboration with the Tezos blockchain platform to foray into the NFTs sector. The main objective behind the integration is to further allow the leading marketplace for non fungible tokens  to support the secondary sales of Digits NFT by Ubisoft Quartz. Rarible also unveiled support for secondary sales for Digits. With this, the users, who had missed the initial drop, can still acquire those playable NFTs.

Along the same lines, the marketplace noted,

“We’re excited to announce that Rarible will immediately support secondary sales for Digits, meaning that you can still acquire those playable NFTs even if you missed the original drop!”

The Tezos blockchain network is a decentralized and open-source allows faster and cheaper transactions than Ethereum which is the most popular blockchain platform. In recent times, the network managed to garner quite some traction in the blockchain gaming ecosystem, especially with the NFT explosion and increased DeFi activity.

“Blazing Futures”

In a bid to mark this collaboration, Rarible will launch an inaugural NFT collection called “Blazing Futures” which has been curated by Diane Drubay, Founder of ‘We Are Museums’. The collection has been composed by ten famous Tezos-based creators, each available in an edition of ten.

Rarible comes together with Tezos blockchain platform

Furthermore, the integration between Rarible and Tezos will happen in two phases.  In the first stage, users will be able to build, buy and sell new NFT Tezos as well as trade in the aftermarket staring with the in-game metaverse collectibles called Digits from the Ubisoft gaming company. Going forward, Rarible is planning to roll out new collections through contracts and set-up royalties for imported collections that already existed on Tezos.

Besides, Rarible has added the support for three blockchains, its competitor OpenSea, on the other hand, has two – Ethereum Polygon.