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Michael Godard launches “Godard NFT”



Michael Godard launches "Godard NFT"

One of the world’s top-selling artists, Michael Godard, just launched his first collection of NFTs dubbed as “Godard NFT” with access to limited edition physical and digital works.

Michael Godard, better known as “Rockstar of the Art World” has announced his foray into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) with a private members-only collective of 1,110 dedicated NFT collectors, curators, and artists. He aims to create a platform that will merge physical art with digital NFTs, creating in real life (IRL) experiences that provide members with exclusive access to limited edition physical and digital works. A portion of the sale will be used to support emerging artists and digital content creators all over the world.

Capturing Emotions Through Digital Art

Michael Godard launches "Godard NFT"

As per the official blog post, the first phase of the Godard NFT collection is slated to go live on January 28th launch. Next comes the initial drop inspired by some of his most popular paintings and a profile picture (PFP) drop of his iconic olive characters.

The post states that each member will receive exclusive access to Godard NFT drops, physical art through “Mint-to-Print” services, and access to Godard’s upcoming events and artist collaborations. Members will also have access to a private Discord server, where they can connect with other artists and collectors. Members will receive early access to exclusive drops and physical artwork, along with exclusive benefits at Godard’s upcoming events, collaborations, and airdrops. The community members will also be able to buy tokens that provide exclusive perks, access to limited edition artworks, and participation in creative decisions. The minting of this membership pass is available only on the official Michael Godard website.

Michael Godard who seemed quite thrilled to announce the launch said that his artworks tend to resonate with human emotions such as pain, love, conflict, and success. He went on to add,

“Over the years my art has evolved from painting with a brush to using a tablet. Now I have an opportunity to bridge two worlds: combining fine art that’s made by hand with blockchain technology. We’re really excited to be engaging with the community in this way, and we can’t wait to see what incredible work we discover and bring to a global audience!”

The Skyrocketing NFT Industry

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The NFT industry seems to have hit nitro boosters amassing huge traction from celebrities, sports stars, media houses, global conglomerates as well as start-ups. This industry has become a billion-dollar industry as digital collectible marketplaces are seeing tens of millions in sales every month. Recently public figures such as Ozzy Osbourne, Melania Trump, Tom Brady, and multinational corporations like Samsung, NVIDIA, The Associated Press among others have indulged in the world of digital collectibles.