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LUNA Airdrop Claim Now Available, How to Claim?



LUNA Airdrop Claim Now Available

The Terra team announces that it will open a claim page for impacted users on September 4. Notably, Terra 2.0, the new blockchain established following the devaluation of the UST and LUNA Classic tokens on the old Terra chain, has not been able to garner the same level of support as the earlier project since some investors have lost faith in Terra founder Do Kwon. (Kwon and Terraform Labs are still being looked into in South Korea for a possible part in the ecosystem’s collapse.)

Terra declared that the Terra Phoenix Airdrop plan had been approved by the community. In order to carry out an airdrop to wallets that did not get the appropriate quantity of $LUNA at Genesis, 19,504,909 $LUNA was requested from the Community Pool. Yesterday, September 4th, the TFL team debuted the claim interface.

The Terra Phoenix Airdrop Proposal vote ended on Friday, and Terra Governance Alerts reported that 99.99% of voters approved the proposal. Terra confirmed that as a result of the vote’s success, users who did not receive the correct amount in the initial airdrop in May will be eligible to receive an airdrop of 19,504,909 LUNA.

Airdrop Claim Timeframe

From September 4th, 2022, through October 4th, 2022, eligible users will have one month to claim their airdrop. By October 4th, 2022, LUNA that has not been claimed will be donated to the community pool. Included are any unutilized gas charges.

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How to Claim Your Airdrop

Step 1: Visit the Claim Interface. Open your browser and visit the claim interface at

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet and Select Your Origin Chain

Next, click the ‘Select Wallet’ dropdown menu and choose which wallet you would like to connect. Eligible wallet providers include Terra Station, Terra Station Mobile, Keplr, and Metamask. After connecting your wallet, the LUNA eligible to claim will show up.

Step 3: Provide a New Terra Wallet Address and Sign the Transaction:  Enter a new Terra wallet address where you would like to receive your airdrop. If you don’t have one yet, you can set one up on Terra Station in two minutes using this simple setup guide.

After entering your new wallet address, verify that the wallet does not have any previous transaction history, and check the box that says “I verify this is a new wallet address with no transaction history”.

If the wallet address you’ve entered is invalid, meaning that it has a previous transaction history or has already been used to claim the airdrop, you will see a message. After entering your new Terra wallet address and ensuring that it has no prior transaction history, sign the transaction using your wallet.

Step 4: Transaction Success:  After signing the transaction using your wallet from Step 2, your LUNA will arrive in your new Terra wallet address!


  • To avoid phishing attacks, make sure that the URL you’re visiting is
  • If you’re connecting with Metamask or Keplr, select the origin chain that you held your USTC, LUNC, or aUST on during the pre- and post-attack snapshots. For details on the specific timing of the pre- and post-attack snapshots for each chain, see the ‘Airdrop Eligibility’ section on the Agora proposal.
  • Do note that a small amount of LUNA will be deducted from the airdrop amount to account for gas fees for those claiming from non-Terra chains.
  • Users are encouraged to compare this transaction body to the one on the claim interface to avoid any loss of funds via potential phishing scams.


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