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Brave Browser Announces Integration with Solana to Expand Web3 Access



Brave Browser Announces Integration with Solana to Expand Web3 Access

Brave today announced its partnership with Ramp, that enhances integration to the Solana network, giving Brave Wallet users a new way to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat. 

Brave Wallet Solana Integration 

Brave Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is integrated into the Brave browser. It allows you to buy, store, swap, and manage your tokens, as well as send and receive NFTs and monitor market data. Brave’s goal in the industry is to make Web3 accessible to everyone. Their privacy-first browser and browser-native crypto wallet provide a simple Web3 onramp for crypto newbies as well as a comprehensive set of Web3 capabilities for sophisticated users.

The blockchain wallet services company has announced their integration of the Solana blockchain network to its wallet. Brave has just released the new version of its wallet for desktop, they’ve said that with the release of Brave 1.39 for desktop, they are taking the first steps toward complete integration with the Solana ecosystem. 

Brave Browser Announces Integration with Solana to Expand Web3 Access

Brave’s partnership with Solana allows users to explore Web3 with far reduced transaction fees and processing times than the Ethereum network. This alliance will also provide smooth access to a robust and expanding ecosystem of decentralized apps in the coming months (DApps).

“Brave’s inclusion of Solana in the wallet is an important step on the path to onboarding a billion users to Web3,”  said Anatoly Yakovenko, Co-Founder of Solana.

Brave’s extensive integration with the Solana blockchain, which was first revealed in November of last year, promises to make it easier for newcomers to crypto to get started with Web3, while also increasing the utility of more experienced users. Solana is known to offer the lowest gas fees and the fastest performance of any blockchain which is why it is scalable to solve Web3 solutions, according to the press release. Brave (including Brave Wallet) is boosting multi-chain functionality and opportunities for all users by integrating with Solana.

As the leading Web3 browser, Brave is now providing integration with Solana’s blockchain so that users and developers can seamlessly transact on their fast, low-fee network,” Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave said. “We’re also looking forward to DApp support in an upcoming release to harness Solana’s growing and thriving DApp ecosystem.”

Ramp is the first onramp partner in Brave Wallet to bring the opportunity to purchase crypto assets directly in the Solana network, providing users with a fast and secure means to get crypto assets into self-custody. The partnership agreement creates a simple and economical way for millions of Brave users to buy assets directly from Brave Wallet and use them in Solana’s booming ecosystem.