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Exodus Launches Solana Wallet Web Extension to Get the Most Out of DeFi and Web3



Exodus Launches Solana Wallet Web Extension to Get the Most Out of DeFi and Web3

Exodus launches a multi-chain crypto browser extension on Solana blockchain to explore and navigate the world of DeFi directly from Chrome and Brave web browsers.

Exodus attempts to scour the Web3 space by beginning with a multi-chain crypto browser extension so everyone can easily explore and navigate the Web3 space with ease. However, this will soon be followed by the wallet extension’s support for the Ethereum network and other popular smart contract blockchains. With Exodus Browser Extension, users can mint, collect, and view NFTs in apps like Magic Eden, margin trade and stake through DeFi protocols like Mercurial Finance, and swap, trade, and borrow instantly with Mango Markets.

Feature of Exodus Browser Extension

Delving into the Web3 and Defi Services, the Exodus Browser Extension intends to create an accessible, intuitive interface with world-class customer support. Exodus, a self-custodial crypto wallet, is known to provide exceptional customer support to its users and will therefore implement the services into the Browser extension. A shortlist of features listed by Exodus Wallet about its new Brower Extension include:

  • Buy, sell, and swap crypto directly in the extension
  • Mint, trade, and view your NFT collection
  • Browse & pin your favorite Web3 projects in the extension dashboard
  • Stake Solana
  • Track balances over time
  • Navigate in a simple and easy to use interface
  • Buy crypto at low rates with a credit/debit card or bank account
  • Find the help you need with Exodus’ world-class customer support

Exodus also noted that it wouldn’t be stopping with Solana and Ethereum and intended to navigate all other popular blockchains like Algorand. Although still in its Beta phase, Exodus plans to create a multi-chain browser extension, making it the only place to explore all Web3 from one simple and beautiful platform.


Why Solana?

Since Ethereum is currently the leading blockchain, many users are curious why Exodus decide to launch on Solana and not with Ethereum.

Exodus noted in its blog that “Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem presents a difficult barrier for newcomers because of its high cost of entry. Navigating unpredictable and expensive gas fees can be prohibitive for the average person looking to experiment with smaller sums of money. While Exodus plans to add Ethereum as the next supported blockchain, launching with Solana made the most sense.”

It continued “Like Ethereum, Solana is a smart contract platform that hosts a world of Web3 applications like decentralized exchanges and lending platforms. Unlike Ethereum, Solana can scale to hundreds of thousands of transactions per second at a cost so small that you would have to send thousands of transactions to even spend $1 in fees.”

Exodus sighted that its Solana Wallet Web Extension will allow its users to experiment with Web3 and DeFi at a low cost and with the security and trust they expect from Exodus.

Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet is an easy-to-use, multi-asset wallet for desktop, mobile, and hardware devices. According to Investopedia, Exodus is the best cryptocurrency software wallet for beginners. Investopedia noted in its review about Exodus that it supports more than 150 currencies, across seven separate blockchains. Users can buy and sell, as well as swap currencies on Exodus’ internal exchange. Additionally, Exodus’ partnership with FTX allows users to access the exchange directly from the Exodus app, facilitating the transfer of assets between the two.

Investopedia noted in its review “Exodus offers a more than viable wallet option for both beginning and intermediate crypto investors.  The wide selection of digital assets, ease of use, and self-custody will certainly appeal to both segments.  The absence of any security breaches in the last five years will provide comfort to new users, while more seasoned traders will find value in the ability to stake assets and integrate with Defi platforms.  The user interface is aesthetically pleasing, and should provide beginning users with a level of comfort in managing their digital assets.  One drawback is the educational component of the platform, which, although present, doesn’t feature prominently. There is, however, an Exodus Support feature which provides several articles and answers to frequently asked questions.  Moreover, Exodus provides 24/7 human support via its email and instant chat platforms.

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