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Payment of Wages and Medical Services, Tests of the Digital Yuan Advance Step by Step



Payment of Wages and Medical Services, Tests of the Digital Yuan Advance Step by Step

Diverse organizations in China are putting the digital renminbi to test through different uses to enable more findings of the digital renminbi application model and to increase the CBDC functionality for the state.

Digital Renminbi Medical Payments

It has been announced that the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine officially launched its digital renminbi payment service, making it the first hospital in Hangzhou to accept payments for medical services in China.

As reported on May 9, at the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s outpatient window, patient Xiao Xu opened the “Digital RMBAPP on his phone, pressed the “Payment” button, and then displayed the payment QR code, prompting a “beep.” The registration fee payment is then processed, and the entire process takes only 30 seconds.

“Digital renminbi supports offline payment between both parties, and transactions can be realized even without the network. It is convenient and fast, broadening the payment channels for patients to seek medical treatment, and the security of payment can also be guaranteed.” He Qiang, Vice president of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine told the Media.

He also told some reporters that the current digital RMB payment function is being deployed at the hospital’s outpatient manual window and self-service payment machine. After downloading the “Digital RMB” APP to their mobile phones, patients can make offline payments. The payment service will then expand to include scenarios such as clinic payments, Internet hospital visits, and inpatient checkout payments.

Digital renminbi

Digital Renminbi

Digital Renminbi Wages Payments

In accordance with the unified deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Finance Bureau took the initiative to carry out the trial work of digital RMB salary payment scenarios.

The first step was to make all cadres aware of the importance of the digital RMB pilot project, to clarify the characteristics of digital RMB, and popularize the use and application scenarios of digital wallets The second is to sign a supplementary agreement with the salary issuing bank to pay wages in digital RMB on their behalf.

Before issuing, double-check the pilot unit’s personal information and wallet code to make sure nothing is incorrect. The third step is to thoroughly communicate with the salary issuing bank to guide the global employees to open a digital RMB Personal wallet and bind it with a personal salary card, as well as to make preparations for comprehensive promotion.

The Municipal Finance Bureau said they will continue to expand the scope of the pilot, correct and improve the problems found in the pilot in a timely manner.