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Opensea NFT Marketplace Now Supports Optimism



Opensea NFT Marketplace Now Supports Optimism

The non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace OpenSea announced that it had extended its services to include projects built on Ethereum’s layer-2 scaling solution Optimism.

Optimism is the sixth existing network to be supported by the marketplace, joining Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Klatyn, and most recently Arbitrum, an additional Ethereum scaler added the previous week.
Since introducing connectivity with the blockchain earlier today, OpenSea’s marketplace has listings for more than one hundred Optimism-native NFT collections.

OpenSea emphasized the onboarding of popular Optimism-backed projects such as Apetimism, Bored Town, MotorHeadz, and OptiChads when it announced its relationship with Optimism.

According to the firm’s announcement, each collection’s author must access their project on OpenSea to create a unique creator fee for sales on the marketplace. Creators have the potential to earn up to 10% of the profits produced from sales of their work via the platform.

Before the announcement, the bulk of the trade activity for Optimism NFT took place on the Optimism NFT marketplace known as Quix. The daily trade volume on Quix is small compared to that on OpenSea, the most popular non-fungible token marketplace across all blockchains.

More Than $9.9 Million Was Transacted On Opensea

According to statistics provided by Dune Analytics, for example, Quix recorded around $26,000 in sales on Monday. During the same period, OpenSea racked up more than $9.9 million in trading activity.

Early Optimists, Apetimism, OptiChads, OptiPunks, and Optimism Quests have been, to this point, the most successful ventures in the Optimism NFT ecosystem in terms of trade volume. Early Optimists is currently in first place on the leaderboard with just $1,450 in sales; however, throughout its existence, the project has generated close to $700,000 in sales, which is more than twice the total volume of any other Optimism NFT project that has been completed to this point.

OpenSea announced that it had extended its services to include projects built on Ethereum's layer-2 scaling solution Optimism.

Since OpenSea started listing Optimism projects early on Tuesday, there has not been a significant shift in the total trading volume of Optimism NFTs.

OpenSea’s monthly trading volume, on the other hand, has suffered a significant hit ever since the cryptocurrency market as a whole began to decline in May. Sales were $310 million in the most recent month, down almost 93% from the all-time high of $4.86 billion in the marketplace in December 2021.