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NewsCrypto forges a partnership with CipherBlade



NewsCrypto forges a partnership with CipherBlade

The ever innovative, expanding and emerging giant, NewsCrypto, has forged a partnership with CipherBlade, the world’s number one blockchain investigation agency. This sends out a clear message of its intention to become a big player in the crypto space.

NewsCrypto’s partnership with CipherBlade follows the launch of its world leading sentimental analysis tool on May 5, 2021. Announcing this partnership on its website on 7 May 2021, NewsCrypto says the focus of this alliance is to fight cybercrime that threatens its growing business.

CyberBlade‘s services include recovery stolen cryptocurrencies and acting as an expert witness in case of court proceedings. Previously, the company helped many victims of scams and hacking. As a result, it assisted many people to recover their stolen cryptocurrencies.

This partnership is vital for NewsCrypto in its quest to expand its academy. Furthermore, the academy will include material on cybercrime in the crypto space. Part of this education relates to the steps that individuals and crypto organizations can take to protect their digital assets and what to do if you are a victim.

According to the material posted on NewsCrypto blog, there is an increase in cybercrimes affecting the crypto space because of the current bull run of major coins and tokens. Unfortunately, as more individuals and organizations invest in cryptocurrencies, more criminals also search for new opportunities.

The sad thing is that the issue of organized crypto crime prevention and control is handled by individuals and institutions. Partnerships in crime prevention and fighting is a new thing, which is however plausible and practical.

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Nevertheless, CipherBlade is not the only firm that fights crimes involving cryptocurrencies. One such company is Chainalysis which provides compliance and investigation software to banks and businesses to track virtual currency transactions.

In this case, Chainalysis uses appropriate technology to analyse public ledgers of cryptocurrency transactions. Like CipherBlade, Chainalysis provides experts to investigate crimes and present evidence of fraud or crimes in courts of law, if the need arises.

Whereas, CipherBlade and Chainalysis use detective means to identify and prevent crimes linked to crypto activities, NewsCrypto works from the other end. It aims to protect cryptocurrency users and its community from cybercrimes through providing the relevant crypto education.

The NewsCrypto community has reacted with happiness to this partnership, describing it as one of the best. Of course, security issues take a centre stage where there are investments whether in fiat or cryptocurrencies.



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