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A New Luxury Club In Dubai Will Give An Exclusive NFT To Members



A New Luxury Club In Dubai Will Give An Exclusive NFT To Members

The creator of Watch Meister has said that later this year, he will develop what will be known as The Meister’s Club in Dubai. This establishment will serve as one of the world’s most exclusive private members’ clubs.

The Meister’s Club is a chic private luxury member’s society formed by The Watch Meister. The club gives its members unprecedented access to the business opportunities and networking events available in the digital world, providing them with ultra-rich luxury experiences. Despite this, there is a measurable return on investment.

“The club’s goal was to tailor a private members club towards a diverse mix of different worlds, both new and traditional, yet with a common interest – to create global connections, grow their businesses, and meet like-minded individuals, all whilst immersing themselves in luxurious benefits,” explained Watch Meister Founder and CEO Riz Ahmed.

The Meister Club Provides Its Members with Several Incentives

The Meister Club is a global club that was established for those interested in living a unique and forward-thinking way of life. In addition, members receive access to experiences that other clubs cannot replicate.

As a goodwill gesture, each member receives a free one-of-a-kind NFT clock in their membership package. A weekend getaway on an all-inclusive private jet to remote Maldives resorts, invitations to parties on society yachts, use of the club’s fleet of unrivaled supercars, access to events, and the opportunity to network with the world’s elite are additional benefits that members enjoy.

Early membership is accessible to individuals who have been granted membership for $42,000  (subject to change). In addition to the regular benefits that the organization provides, members will additionally get an annual percentage yield (APY) of 12% on their membership fee.

Membership applications are now being taken on the website. However, there are only 500 membership spaces available. After the year 2023, further membership allotments will only be considered in response to suggestions made by existing members.

According to Ahmed:

“It made sense for us to base The Meister’s Club in Dubai because it is a true center of luxury, business innovation, and global access. The true advantage of our membership is that it’s global in scope. The club’s core is based around a digitally-minded community but simultaneously grounded in tangible luxury experiences around the world. We are blending limitless Metaverse opportunities with the real world needs and desires of high society. This is the model of the future.”

Wrapping Up

The Meister Club is serving as a model for the physical appearance of private luxury clubs of the future and how they should be run. It has been referred to using the term “disruptive opulence with genuine investment return” to characterize it.

The club’s objective is to establish a premium private members’ club that is forward-thinking and has many more perks than current members’ clubs, which, in their view, all provide the same out-of-date experience to its members.