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TRON DAO Joins Forces with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)




TRON DAO, a TRON Network-powered community focused on internet decentralization, has joined forces with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) to accelerate Ethereum adoption and business readiness.

How TRON DAO Will Help Ethereum?

TRON DAO calls itself a community-governed DAO focused on accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and Dapps by creating novel and useful solutions for builders and consumers. According to the team, TRON Network became a DAO when it achieved full decentralization in December 2021.

TRON DAO Grant Program offers benefits to Communities, Developers, and influencers building on the TRON network. The TRON DAO Ecosystem Fund brings together a number of programs that include HackaTRON, TRON/BTTC Integration Fund, TRON DAO Ventures, an industry relief fund, an ambassadorGrants offering, a TRON Academy program, a climate initiative, and more upcoming programs.

EEA, on the other hand, brings organizations together to adopt and use Ethereum technology in their daily business operations, making it a driving force in the adoption of Ethereum blockchain technology in large corporations and other traditional institutions.


EEA members are some of the big names from their respective fields and every region of the world. EEA’s Interest Groups, Working Groups, educational primers, community projects, and events bring together the top Ethereum and industry experts to increase Ethereum adoption in businesses.

The announcement reads:

“As an EEA member, TRON DAO will collaborate with EEA and its members, the leading business adopters, innovators, and leaders within the Ethereum ecosystem, to accelerate the pace of Ethereum business advancements and adoption.”

As both organizations share similar interests, TRON Network founder Justin Sun believes that the new development is a significant step for both Ethereum and TRON in particular, and the crypto industry in general.

He commented:

“TRON and Ethereum have grown and matured together over the years. We want this affiliation to be a step forward for the industry to showcase that progress comes in many forms. Blockchain has the potential to change the world in manners we cannot fathom and we need to coordinate together to make it happen. I am optimistic that partnerships like this are one of the healthiest moves we can collectively do.”

Web 3.0 and blockchain adoption is increasing and Ethereum is at the forefront of it. As reported, Google has recently announced its plans to launch a cloud-based blockchain node service for Ethereum.