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Terra Luna Classic’s New Initiative: Bug Bounty Program and LUNC $0.001 Target



LUNC Bug Bounty Program

The Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), a group of core developers who support the Terra Luna Classic community, announced a bug bounty program to encourage security researchers, ethical hackers, and developers to find and report vulnerabilities in the Terra Luna Classic network. 

The bounty will be funded exclusively by the donations L1TF received from the community.

The developer group Joint L1 Task Force, which is working on decreasing the supply of LUNC and USTC tokens in the third quarter, has launched a voting process for Proposal 11602. This proposal is called the “Luna Classic Bug Bounty Incentive Program” and it aims to reward those who find and report bugs in the Terra Luna Classic network. 

LUNC Bug Bounty Program

The group’s project manager, LuncBurnArmy, shared this news on Twitter. Some network members have reported an increase in bugs after recent network upgrades.

LUNC Bug Bounty Program

The proposal suggests that a bug bounty program will improve security and network stability, encourage cooperation and performance, and compensate contributors for finding and reporting vulnerabilities. L1TF will pay the rewards and there is no need for a separate community spending proposal for the bug bounty program. L1TF intends to allocate 50 million LUNC in Q3 as the initial budget.

The program invites anyone interested in security, development, or community to join the bug bounty initiative. The participants must follow the rules of responsible disclosure and act legally and ethically, such as not disclosing vulnerabilities publicly or engaging in harmful actions.

The proposal outlines the following incentives for bug reporting and patching:

  • Station Bug (verified): 150,000 LUNC
  • Station Bug (verified and patched): 1M LUNC
  • L1 Bug (confirmed): 300,000 LUNC
  • Security Vulnerability (Station, verified): 300,000 LUNC
  • Security Vulnerability (Station, verified and patched): 1M LUNC
  • Critical Security Vulnerability (reported on the day of discovery): 5M LUNC
  • Critical Security Vulnerability (reported, patched, tested, and approved on the day of discovery): 20M LUNC

The proposal has unanimous support from the Terra Luna Classic community and validators. Members and validators like JESUSisLORD, Lunanauts, and DFLunc have all voted “Yes” for it. They share the same vision of improving the network’s security in light of different developments.

The Terra Luna Classic community pool, which is a fund for supporting public projects, has seen a substantial decrease in its balance. This is because the community approved three proposals that allocated funds from the pool for different purposes.