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Sushi’s 2023 Roadmap Aims to Up Protocol Market Share by 10x



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Sushi’s 2023 roadmap aims to increase the market share of the DeFi protocol by ten times with the launch of a DEX aggregator, redesigned tokenomics, and many other planned updates.

In a Medium post on Monday, January 16th, Sushi CEO Jared Grey shared with the community the roadmap for 2023 that aims to make Sushi a market-leading DEX by improving product stacks and introducing innovative features to the DeFi protocol itself.

Sushi’s 2023 Roadmap

The first significant upgrade for 2023 is the introduction of the DEX aggregator in the first quarter of 2023 to “deliver the best user experience by serving users with optimal pricing.” According to Jared Grey, Sushi’s DEX aggregator was built in stealth mode throughout 2022; they are now ready to capitalize on it.

On December 30, 2022, Grey introduced a new proposal to redesign the tokenomics of the SushiSwap token to boost liquidity and decentralization in the platform and bolster Treasury reserves to ensure continual operation and development.”

The European Commission is ramping up its crypto surveillance with DeFi as the primary target for a new “embedded supervision” project.

According to the CEO, both these upgrades are part of their plans to drive scalability and sustainability of their business. Its aggregation router will scale swap volumes on the SushiSwap protocol. The redesigned tokenomics will encourage liquidity providers (LPs) to migrate to Sushi for increased ROI through increased swap volumes and fees and strengthen Sushi’s treasury reserves.

Grey wrote:

“Now, Sushi commands ~2% of the AMM market & 0% of the aggregation market. By executing our vision, we intend to 10x our market share in 2023.”

Sushi Studios, NFT Marketplace, and a Governance Dashboard

To further strengthen the Sushi brand, many other products are on the cards in 2023. The team has plans to launch Sushi’s decentralized incubator, Sushi Studio, that will allow Sushi to launch independently-funded projects to support ecosystem growth without burdening the DAO treasury.

Furthermore, the long-awaited NFT marketplace Shoyu is also scheduled for a Q1 launch, along with a perpetual DEX platform and many other stealth products currently in development. The blog post reads:

“These products help increase Sushi’s brand without hindering the DAO’s core DEX focus, the main historical obstacle to Sushi’s horizontal product direction. Sushi has a solid & resilient brand representing the best of DeFi; with Sushi Studios, we can leverage the brand to reach all users.”

Lastly, a governance dashboard is also under development that will showcase the DAO’s treasury budget, project wallets, and audit results for Treasury expenditures.