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Shibarium Beta Launch is Imminent: Shib Release an Intake Portal



Shibarium Beta Launch is Imminent as Shib Release an Intake Portal

Shibarium Beta launch is imminent, as the team behind the famous meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) has released a new portal, called the intake system, to onboard teams interested in building on its layer-2 network.

According to a blog post by lead developer Shytoshi Kusama on Sunday, February 26th, the Shib team has launched a new website and an intake form for those interested in doing anything on Shibarium. The teams can fill out the intake form on the portal to let Shib know what they want to do with its highly-anticipated Ethereum layer-2 blockchain.

It’s Time to Begin With Shibarium

As Blockchain Journal reported, the meme coin developer Shib introduce Shibarium in January 2023. It will be a Polygon-like layer-2 blockchain that will run on top of the Ethereum mainnet and let developers create custom tokens within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and optimize transaction speed and cost. Shib touts Shibarium as “a collective blockchain that scales and invites solutions, innovation, and security to the Decentralized Finance Space.”

The date for the beta launch, however, is still to be announced but seems imminent as the team has started to onboard interested projects with the launch of an intake portal. The portal will allow teams to join and collaborate with Shib in Web 3&4 development, metaverse development, network validation, and more on Shibarium.

According to Shythoshi:

“Ideally, this intake system will allow us to find the best projects and link them together with others who can help or assist. It’ll allow us to meet the army and remain organized in the process. It’ll allow us to grow Shibarium’s reach with professional companies, and allow us to reset our relationships with businesses that we’ve connected to in the past. Finally, it’ll help us find the right validators.”

Shibarium Beta Launch is Imminent as Shib Release an Intake Portal

He noted that teams didn’t necessarily need to fill out the intake form to build on Shibarium. However, if they want future collaboration, at least one team member should reach out to Shib.

Shythoshi further stated that the Shibarum testnet would be launched as soon as possible but warned the community to watch out for new tokens that launch on the nascent network. He noted:

“During the beta, all tokens and products on the beta network are for testing purposes ONLY. Don’t get scammed and buy anything you’ll find on Shibarium until the Shibarium main net launch.”

Speculations around Shibarium Beta Launch

There is a lot of speculation around Shibarium’s beta launch. On Saturday, Shytoshi changed his Twitter to a simple full stop. This fueled speculations surrounding the possible beta launch of Shibarium as a community member said that Shytoshi had a habit of updating his Twitter bio with a full stop when a major task comes to an end.

Reasonable estimates suggest a beta launch this week, probably March 1st.