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Shiba Memu Raises Almost $1 Million in Presale



Shiba Memu SHMU

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is a new cryptocurrency that has been gaining investor interest. It is an AI meme cryptocurrency that aspires to become the top dog amongst its peers. The project uses AI to run its affairs and market itself. It may create buzz around memes, compete with peers, and generate PR for itself.

Shiba Memu is Riding the Memecoin Train

The Shiba Memu team is confident that the project will be more successful than 100 marketing firms put together. Since the presale began two weeks ago, investors have gathered SHMU worth about $994,000.

An AI-driven meme coin called Shiba Memu leverages AI technologies to sell itself and create buzz. The initiative can produce its own PR and advertise itself on social media and discussion boards. Shiba Memu may also learn from effective marketing campaigns to produce more clever and effective advertising thanks to AI-based software.

Making Shiba Memu self-sufficient and a good investment is the goal of employing AI. Shiba Memu uses AI technology to accomplish the goal, in contrast to earlier meme enterprises that poured large sums of money into marketing.

Shiba Memu SHMU

Shiba Memu can now operate around-the-clock thanks to AI, and the team believes that this feature will place the company as the leader in innovative advertising. Due to its independence, SHMU has the potential to yield enormous profits over time.

Shiba Memu is an AI-led meme coin that can generate PR around itself and take on peers and create meme hype. Given its self-sufficiency, SHMU can grow quickly with a low budget.

But once more, picture a meme project that communicates with users directly. The demand for greater engagement among investors has increased as time has gone on, which has resulted in a growth in the number of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Shiba Memu features an AI dashboard that allows users to interact with the AI. Users can give feedback, ask questions, provide suggestions, and learn from it. This could be an ideal opportunity for meme lovers to build meaningful relationships with the loved dog-based meme and get to know what’s up in the world of creative advertising.