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Santa Browser Launches the Version 1.0 of Its Web 3.0 Browser



Santa Browser

Santa Browser has announced the release of version 1.0 of its unique Web 3.0 browser focused on privacy and rewarding users for their online activity. The initial release is only for Mac OS. Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS apps will follow.

Santa announced the launch in a press release on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. According to the developer, Santa browser is a unique web 3.0 browser to cater to the emerging crypto world and offers users everything to kickstart their journey.

The browser was initially to be released on Christmas Day, December 25, but due to some technical difficulties, the launch was delayed to Tuesday, December 27.

Features of Santa Browser

The developer believes that it offers tools that allow anyone to leverage the power of blockchain technologies. Santa said:

“Due to the extreme volatility of the market, Santa is dedicated to building a “Trustable Technology Stack” that users can firmly rely upon while browsing the web. With the Christmas release of Santa Browser, users can now earn crypto rewards simply by browsing.”


Santa is a privacy-focused browse-to-earn internet surfing platform where users can earn crypto rewards for their regular online activity. Rewards include ad monetization, search monetization, discounted shopping, and more to come. Santa has partnered with Eyeo, an ad-filtering platform, to ensure quality ad serving.

Although a fork of Chromium, it has been cleansed of all Google trackers, host detectors, and other privacy-harming features. The company claims that its web 3.0 wallets packs military-grade security features and the code has been reviewed and tested for vulnerabilities by Veracode, a Massachusetts-based application security company.

Upcoming Features: Santa Wallet and Dapp Store

Currently, there is no built-in crypto wallet like Brave Wallet in the Brave browser. However, the developer has announced its plans to introduce ‘Santa Wallet’ in the next releases to allow users to easily manage their rewards and crypto assets.

The upcoming releases will also feature a single-tab VPN and an immersive Dapp Store where users can use their favorite blockchain apps and games. The Dapp store features a wide range of apps that include games, NFTs, DeFi, DAOs, crypto wallets, and centralized exchanges (CEXes).

With Santa Browser, the company is geared to bring in the next 200M users onto Web 3.0. Alekh B, CEO of Santa, commented:

“We believe that browsers need to evolve a lot more to keep up with the pace at which the internet is evolving. Our approach to Santa Browser is deeply influenced by the principles of web3 — Anti Monopoly, Transparency, Democracy, Data Privacy, Security & Fair Distribution Of Wealth.”