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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Vows to Protect Bitcoin and Reform Crypto Policies



Robert F. Kennedy to end of ‘White House war on Bitcoin’

U.S. politics and the crypto world continue to make headlines, and in this case, Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made a bold promise to the crypto community. If elected president, Kennedy has stated that he will put an end to what he calls the “White House war on Bitcoin” and work to reform cryptocurrency-related policies in the country.

Kennedy, known for his support of the cryptocurrency industry and his strong opposition to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), made these statements in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine on October 4.

In his interview, Kennedy expressed his commitment to protect Bitcoin and allow people to retain control over their own wallets. Furthermore, he emphasized his intention to change the perception of Bitcoin from being a commodity to being considered a real currency. His vision is to foster a favorable environment for Bitcoin transactions, particularly for small Bitcoin owners and smaller-scale transactions.

Kennedy explained his approach by stating,

“I don’t want to give an undeserved windfall to billionaires who have accumulated Bitcoin, but I believe that smaller actors and smaller transactions should be able to use the currency in the same way as when you travel to another country and use the local currency without unfair penalties.”

Robert F. Kennedy Bitcoin News

Strong Stance Against CBDCs

In addition to his support for Bitcoin, Kennedy has been a fierce critic of central bank digital currencies, such as the United States Federal Reserve’s “FedNow” project, which officially launched on July 20, 2023. The candidate has argued that these currencies could lead to “financial slavery and political tyranny” by allowing the government to oversee all private financial transactions and limit people’s freedom to spend their money as they wish.

Kennedy has also stood out for being one of the few presidential candidates who accept donations in Bitcoin. This places him in a unique category within the political landscape and seeks to underline his commitment to the leading cryptocurrency.

Regarding the current state of Bitcoin, as of writing this article, its price stands at $27,790, with a slight increase of +1.50% in the last 24 hours, a 4.24% increase over the last 7 days, and a solid increase of 7.80% in the last month.