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Research: what is Bitcoin in the UK, 20% are confident about the future BTC



Analytical company YouGov shared the results of a survey designed to find out how the British view Bitcoin . Other cryptocurrencies in the study were not mentioned.

According to the survey, 93% of respondents are aware of the existence of Bitcoin. Of these, only 4% answered that they understand what it is, and about 20% – “pretty good”. As in other studies that study attitudes towards cryptocurrencies , young men are more likely to state that they understand Bitcoin well than women.

Investments in Bitcoin were reported by 6% of the interviewed men and 1% of women. In general, this group was dominated by people aged 18 to 24 years.

20% of all respondents surveyed are confident that in the future Bitcoin will be used as often as bank cards and cash. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of survey participants do not believe in this, and 43% are negatively disposed towards such prospects.

Respondents were also asked to evaluate how they relate to a currency that will be beyond the control of central banks – positively or negatively.

25% of respondents said about a neutral attitude, and another 18% could not answer this question. Together they accounted for 43% of all respondents.

Another 44% said they had a negative attitude towards the prospect of such a currency.

The authors of the report came to the conclusion that the key to adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is user education. Most of those respondents who are positive towards Bitcoin and believe that its penetration into everyday life inevitably, “well” or “fairly well” understood what this cryptocurrency represents.

The researchers suggest that the more people will know about Bitcoin, to understand its features and advantages, the better they will relate to it.


There is no reason for the fall of Bitcoin below $ 4000, the opinion of the head of the RACIB



The president of the Russian Association of Cryptoindustry and Blockchain (RACIB), Yuri Pripachkin, believes that there is no reason for Bitcoin to fall below $ 4,000.

Speaking to reporters, he stressed that the main reason for the collapse of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market was the updating of the Bitcoin Cash network. Two development teams came into conflict with each other, with the result that the so-called “war” began between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV .

This conflict was the main factor that provoked panic in the camp of traders, which led to the collapse of the cost of bitcoin and altcoins. However, there is no reason for the further fall of the coin, so at any moment the dynamics of the market may change for the better.

The RACIB President noted :

When developers stop mutual hostility and can agree, it can lead to the return of a positive trend. Bitcoin cost recovery should take place at the end of November.

Pripachkin is sure that falling below $ 4000 is almost impossible, but this option cannot be completely ruled out either. Now bitcoin is trading at $ 4,284.

If the conflict between developers develops into an even more aggressive confrontation, then trust in the cryptocurrency market will be undermined, and investors are unlikely to agree to invest their capital in it.

Bitcoin's decline in the Russian market will have practically no effect, so we should not worry too much about this, the expert added.

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Black Friday on the Uphold Exchange: Bitcoin distribution was arranged by hackers



It became known that hackers broke into the official email of the Uphold cryptocurrency exchange and sent users a letter announcing the free distribution of BTC.  

The letter stated that if the user makes a transfer from 0.1 to 50 BTC, then he will receive a bonus – 15% of the amount of investments.  

Four hours later, representatives of the exchange Uphold sent another letter to warn their users about a phishing attempt. They urged everyone not to take part in the fictitious “distribution” of the BTC.

Uphold does not deny that their mail was hacked, but the company's employees have nothing to do with this incident.  

It remains unclear how widely the fake letters spread and how many people fell for the hackers trick. It is only known that the address associated with the malicious campaign received only two payments, for a total of $ 2,200.

The conclusion is that if someone offers you discounts on Black Friday when buying cryptocurrency, it is probably a scam. Be careful!  

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OKEx Exchange launched an information resource on cryptocurrency projects



The Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange OKEx has launched the OKEx information service Project Info. The portal will provide data on tokens issuers, their achievements, as well as publish crypto projects road maps.

“We created this platform to help our clients get a better understanding of the projects before they make any trading decisions,” the exchange said in a statement.

The OKEx team promises to provide only “accurate and impartial” data to ensure transparency in the ecosystem. OKEx Project Info will also delete information on crypto projects not updating status within 30 days.

Earlier, OKEx announced the launch of a new service, OK PiggyBan. The platform will allow to receive additional income from digital assets of users.

Recall that in September, Binance announced its plans to launch a rating platform with data on blockchain projects.

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