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Introducing Marlowe: A User-Friendly Smart Contract Language for Cardano Mainnet




Cardano, one of the leading blockchain platforms for smart contracts, has recently announced the deployment of Marlowe, a new toolset for creating and running secure and efficient smart contracts on its mainnet. It is a domain-specific language (DSL) that allows developers to easily build, verify, and deploy smart contracts on Cardano using a variety of programming languages. 

Marlowe also offers a set of open-source tools, such as the Marlowe Playground and the Marlowe Runtime, that enable users to test and simulate their smart contracts before launching them on the network.

Marlowe is One More Step in Cardano’s Roadmap

It is designed to solve some of the common challenges and limitations of smart contract development, such as complexity, security, scalability, and interoperability. Marlowe simplifies the development process by providing a user-friendly interface that allows users to drag and drop visual elements to create smart contracts without writing any code. 

It also ensures the security and correctness of smart contracts by using formal methods and automated verification techniques that check the logic and behavior of the contracts against predefined specifications. Moreover, Marlowe enables the scalability and interoperability of smart contracts by leveraging the advanced features of Cardano’s network architecture, such as parallel execution, native tokens, and multi-asset support.


The toolset has been developed by Input Output Global (IOG), a leading blockchain research and development company and one of the creators of Cardano. It has been audited by external experts and deployed to the Cardano mainnet after a successful testing period on the pre-production network.

Marlowe is now available for early adopters who want to explore and experiment with its capabilities and potential use cases. Some of the possible applications of Marlowe include financial contracts, escrow services, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, insurance, and more.

The brand-new toolset is part of Cardano’s vision to create a platform that can support a wide range of decentralized applications (DApps) that can transform various sectors and industries. By offering a high-assurance toolset for smart contract development, Marlowe aims to empower developers and builders to create innovative solutions that can benefit from the security, efficiency, and scalability of Cardano’s blockchain technology.