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Google Finance Doubles Down on Crypto, Dedicates A Tab to Crypto Price Monitoring



Google Finance Doubles Down on Crypto, Dedicates A Tab to Crypto Price Monitoring

Search engine giant, Google has joined the growing list of multinational platforms that are pledging support for blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency ecosystem in general. According to an update gleaned from the domain, the search engine giant has added a dedicated page for “Crypto,” a feature that lets investors of all kinds track the prices of some selected cryptocurrencies.

The section for Crypto appears in the “Compare Markets” tab and provides key real-time pricing information for major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Crypto section on the Google finance domain is featured alongside the stock market and traditional currency markets. This has been seen by many to be bullish for the yet to be matured cryptocurrency market.

Why The Google Embrace is Applauded

As a nascent investment ecosystem, the cryptocurrency market is still at its infancy in terms of embrace from world corporate superpowers. The support to create a crypto tab by Google, a platform with billions of visitors monthly and globally can help give digital assets a more mainstream option to attain recognition.

With the crypto tab visible, the level of awareness about crypto price monitoring will now be simplified and easily accessible to many investors, new and old who find exchanges or other price chart hosts too complicated to follow and understand. 

Google-owned YouTube has been known to censor educational and informative content about the cryptospace in times past, perhaps, this new integration of Crypto as one of its trackable assets will help the latter outfit to relax its policies on digital currency-related information moving forward.

While the update was made at a time when the crypto market is newly recovering from a week-long plunge in price and valuation, the Google additional may serve as new fuel to promote the entire market.

Other Big Highlights in The Space

After a big bearish move seen last week, the cryptocurrency market is seeing a big correction, moved by the collation of much-fragmented news emanating across the board. While decentralized exchange protocol 1Inch is switching to the Binance Smart Chain to leverage the low cost and throughput, Cardano has undergone a network upgrade to make room for more decentralized finance capabilities.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be backed by both institutional and retail investors and is aiming at retesting new price horizons this week. XRP investors are hopeful the cryptocurrency will survive the Ripple-SEC court case and finally get liberated to push for new future realities.