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Crypto Community Criticizes NYT Over Latest Article on SBF



Crypto Community Criticizes NYT Over Latest Article on SBF

A number of users within the crypto community have descended harshly on New York Times (NYT) following its Dec. 26 publication, which portrays a sympathetic feeling for the founder and former CEO of the collapsed FTX company, Sam Bankman-Fried.

NYT journalist Rob Copeland wrote the article using a series of quotes made by local Bahamians with positive undertones for SBF.

One of the respondents remarked that SBF had a “good heart,” while some respondents were quoted to have said that they really “feel bad for him.

It was established that only one respondent made a negative remark about SBF, saying that the billions of dollars mismanaged by SBF would hurt the entire crypto industry.

Mixed Reactions Over NYT Article


The article received a couple of vehement reactions from key stakeholders and users within the crypto community. Cryptonator, a self-acclaimed “crypto-degen” expressed disappointment over the content of the article.

Cryptonator asserted that SBF’s deed was similar to that of Pablo Escobar in his donations to local charities and the government. Escobar, an infamous drug lord, also donated to charities and religious centres during his time.

Another user, Will Margerum, queried NYT why it would resolve to publish such a one-sided article.

In the same vein, famous Crypto maximalist, Mack, outrightly blasted NYT on the article saying that it is “embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, a native of the Bahamas and New York public defender, Olayemi Olurin, went as far as sharing a video on the matter, saying that NYT has never failed to disappoint. She alleged that NYT was trying to portray SBF in a better way while they criminalise black nations.

However, a popular Podcast host Scott Melker asserted that the article was entirely absurd and inappropriate, stressing that NYT has become the National Inquirer.

While the NYT article has been greeted with mixed reactions, neutrality should be the hallmark in the course of reporting sensitive happenings about the crypto industry. This should be well advocated by stakeholders.