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CoinFLEX and Collapsed 3AC to Launch New Crypto Exchange GTX




In a new development, Crypto investment firm CoinFLEX and collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrow Capital (3AC) are planning to launch a new cryptocurrency exchange platform called GTX according to a leaked pitch deck on Jan. 16.

While no date has been announced, it was gathered that the founders of 3AC Su Zhu and Kyle Davies alongside CoinFLEX cofounders Mark Lamb and Sudhu Arumugam are planning to raise $25 million for the project.

Blockchain news alert, WuBlockchain, tweeted that GTX aimed at unlocking the 20 billion crypto claims market as well as filling the void left by the FTX exchange collapse. Also, it intends to explore the 2 trillion stock securities.

Meanwhile, the proposed project has been vehemently criticized for involving collapsed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital as well as lacking in substance.

One of the critics, notsofast, tweeted that the stolen FTX assets were posted as collateral at GTX. Sam e way, GTX assets will be replicated as collateral at HTX.

Meanwhile, CoinFLEX subsequently shared a blog post explaining that it would not adopt the “GTX” name, stressing that it was only adopted as a placeholder.

The investment firm further revealed that it is working on rebranding itself into the new entity, emphasising that CoinFLEX CEO Mark Lamb and co-founder Sudhu Arumugam would play major roles in the entity.

It maintained that the new exchange would be very much rewarding and valuable for both holders of claims and for Coinflex creditors.

More Reactions on Proposed Crypto Exchange GTX

Despite the clarification by CoinFLEX, Ripple’s former director of engineering Nik Bougalis on Jan. 16 argued that the proposed venture is an attempt to scam people due to the inclusion of 3AC founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies.

Recall that once flying crypto hedge fund 3AC collapsed on June 27, 2022, following the liquidation of its position.

Meanwhile, CoinFLEX has recorded intermittent seizures in its withdrawal in the past as it is looking to overhaul its operations now.