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Celsius Divulges Customers’ Identities and Trade Records in Court Documents



Celsius Divulges Customers' Identities and Trade Records in Court Documents

In the most recent court filing, the financially troubled cryptocurrency lender Celsius divulged the identities and trade histories of its platform’s customers. This comes as the firm begins the process of declaring bankruptcy.

According to Gizmodo, which discovered the trade data of the platform’s CEO Alex Mashinsky and posted the material to the internet archive, the court document consists of more than 14,000 pages. Further, the data does not contain any additional personal information, such as street addresses or email addresses, for example.

During the course of the court action, Celsius requested that the identities of its users be concealed from the court documents; however, the judge consistently denied this request on the grounds that it is a need that is often met in bankruptcy proceedings.

The user data, which totals 18.6 gigabytes, does not include any blockchain transaction records, such as hashes that are distinctive to individual transactions. On the other hand, it does provide the timings and quantities of the transactions, which indicates that these transactions may probably be recognized.

This might provide anybody the ability to connect the identified individuals with their cryptocurrency wallets, which were previously anonymous, and view the users’ cryptocurrency holdings as well as other transaction details.

Cryptocurrency Holders of Significant Worth Are At Jeopardy

The fact that this information might be used to identify owners of high-value cryptocurrency is a risk because of the potential damage it could do.

In its most recent legal filing, Celsius has disclosed the identities of its platform's users along with their trading activity.

Despite the fact that individuals’ home addresses were not made public, it is possible to locate this information on its own; in fact, the Ledger data breach has already exposed the private details of numerous cryptocurrency users.