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Bitget’s $10M Pledge Bolsters Ecosystem During ChatGPT Boom



Bitget's $10M Pledge Bolsters Ecosystem During ChatGPT Boom

Bitget, a leading crypto derivative, and copy trading provider, has announced its collaboration with, an AI blockchain platform. As part of the partnership, Bitget has pledged $10 million to support the growth of the ecosystem, including its token sales, marketing efforts, and strategic direction.

In addition to its partnership with, Bitget has allocated $300 million to support digital asset development, marking its commitment to the blockchain and crypto space. The funds will be split between two funds that will focus on emerging crypto projects and Web3-focused venture capital enterprises. But the ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between AI and blockchain worlds.

Spotting the Possibilities of AI and Crypto

The rise of AI technology has been making headlines in recent years, with platforms such as ChatGPT showcasing its potential to augment creativity. This trend has also been reflected in the crypto landscape, where an increasing number of projects are merging AI and crypto technologies.

Seeing the potential in this fusion, Bitget has partnered with, which has been leading the AI and blockchain space with its off-chain layer and interchain bridge features.

Spotting the Possibilities of AI and Crypto

“We know value when we see it,” Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the partnership announcement. “ already consists of a host of functioning and applicable technological AI solutions that can have a real impact on the way businesses and individuals interact.”

Humayun Sheikh, the Founder, and CEO of, expressed his excitement for the partnership, highlighting the mutual understanding of blockchain’s potential between the two entities. Sheikh noted that the rapid advancements in AI provide fertile ground for its application within blockchain technology.

Bitget Expanding Footprint in the Crypto Space

Bitget has been expanding its footprint in the crypto space, with recent moves to establish a new branch in Seychelles and achieve registration in Lithuania. The digital assets exchange also plans to expand its staff base by 50%, aiming to reach 1,200 employees within the year.


Bitget’s partnership with and commitment to digital asset development reflects the growing interest in AI and crypto. With the rise of AI technology and the increasing use cases for blockchain and crypto, we can expect to see more collaborations and partnerships in this space.

Bitget’s strategic moves and investments highlight its commitment to supporting the growth of the blockchain and crypto industry, and its role as a major player in the space.