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How Binance Successfully Launched 2 New Offices In Brazil



How Binance Successfully Launched 2 New Offices In Brazil

One of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, has launched two new offices in Brazil as per its Twitter post.

Binance also revealed that the two new offices will push the number of its Brazilian employees to more than 150, thereby creating an opportunity to provide quality services for the teeming populace.

The new feat was made possible as a result of the cordial partnership between Binance and the local regulatory agencies.

The two new offices are located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Binance maintains that its new employees will be saddled with the responsibility of serving the people.

It was further added that the cryptocurrency exchange will operate in line with the sacrosanct laws governing Brazilian regulatory landscape because that is the major means through which the digital asset industry will be widely embraced.

Earlier in September, Binance held a couple of crypto and blockchain workshops in Brazil and Argentina. The workshops were directed at sensitizing law enforcement agencies on how to tackle crypto crime as well as providing an enabling environment for crypto to thrive. 

There is no mincing word that Binance has become a force to be reckoned with in the crypto industry. And Brazil has proven to be a good choice.

According to blockchain research firm, Chainalysis, Brazil was ranked seventh on the 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index report.

Binance Keeps Expanding 

Beyond opening two new offices in Brazil, Binance is making further expansions with the latest being the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the Financial Monitoring Agency of Kazakhstan.

The latest MOU will enable Binance to work with the local authorities in identifying and blocking digital assets that are used for illegal transactions like money laundering, drug trafficking, among others.

It should be recalled that Binance recently gained approval in New Zealand has identified the country as a very exciting market with a lot of opportunities. The New Zealand approval succeeded the exchange presence in Australia. 

Binance is equally pursuing VASP as well as electronic money transmitter licenses or approval in the Philippines. The crypto exchange keeps making further expansion.