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FTX Sends Strong Warning Signs to Customers



FTX Arena

Troubled cryptocurrency exchange FTX has warned customers to be wary of scammers intending to exploit them through the promise of returning their assets, stressing that customers should contact the FTX debtors for more inquiries

FTX exchange stressed the fact that there is a rising case of third-party scams and frauds targeted at swindling its already-embattled customers.

As a result, la the company on Feb. 2 sent an alert to its teeming customers to disregard any information by fraudsters about scam attempts, including asking them for money, fees, payments or account passwords.

It was added that the right channel for communication and interaction with the FTX debtors remains the email address dubbed [email protected].

Attempts by Scammers

There is no mincing word that several attempts have been made by scammers to exploit the distraught FTX customers. In late December, the Oregon Division of Financial Regulation unravelled several attempts by scammers.


The agency warned that scammers are trying to re-victimize individuals that have already been harmed and are trying to find ways to recover their losses.

Recall that US Congressman, Raja Krishnamoorthi, warned about crypto fraud, stressing that the economic and consumer subcommittee chaired by him will work hard to abate fraud cases.

Meanwhile, there is neither end in sight nor a way forward as regards the judicial inquiry on the FTX debacle.

More recently, the states of California, Texas, and New Jersey have joined calls for the establishment of an independent examination that will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the FTX bankruptcy proceedings. 

Equally, it was reported on Feb 2 that the embattled FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is discussing with federal prosecutors to resolve a dispute over his bail conditions.

The bail condition has lately gained public attention following developments that SBF was captured being in contact with the new CEO of FTX, John Ray.