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Monero (XMR) Price


Monero is an open-source private network that allows users to perform secured and fast digital transactions. This cryptocurrency ensures that users have full privacy, and an observer can not trace a user’s digital transaction activities.

Founded in 2014, this token makes use of obfuscated public ledger -allows users to perform transactions with no one knowing the amount, destination, and source. The proof of work system is used to supply new coins and motivate miners to use secured and validated networks in transactions.

When it debuted in the market, Monero gained stability and rapid growth; because of its privacy features. It became popular for its high level of anonymity and was used to perform secured transactions.

At the moment, Monero has reached a market cap of $2.52 billion; sold at a high price despite the dip seen in cryptocurrency stock. The token allows for a straightforward transaction and the exchange of fiat money to its native currency.

In addition to knowing its history and news, knowing the XMR Price is essential for any investor, from Blockchain Journal we want to give you all the tools to follow the evolution of the project and we bring you the live price of Monero.


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