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Litecoin (LTC) – Price


Litecoin is a cryptocurrency token launched in 2011 as a side project to bitcoin. The concept was to have a simplified token that is used to mine easily.

Created as an alternative for miners, this coin does not need expensive mining hardware. Founded by Charlie lee, a former employee of Google and Coinbase who saw a problem with bitcoin and thought of a coin that is free from it.

These problems include a faster transaction and a network free from network congestion. Even though the coin has not reached the value of bitcoin, it has unique features like having better resistance to ASICs (application-specific integrated circuit)—a graphic device used in mining.

The feature makes it an easy asset to mine, and with its available number of coins reaching 84 billion, it does not have the problem of coin scarcity. This coin is being compared with bitcoin, and the differences seen are not much except for its value.

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, the coin is the 5th on the market cap and has a gross total of $5.4 billion. It has an allocation of 85 billion which can make it a stable currency since it will not have the problem of scarcity.

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