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Chainlink (LINK) – Price


Chainlink is an Etherum token or an oracle network that controls the chain-link decentralized network. It also offers events and price data gained from real-world and on-chain sources.

Founded by Sergey Nazarov in 2017, the token offers a resolution to the oracle problem and provides the required on-chain data for running a blockchain-based smart contract. It also uses trusted nodes along with cryptographic proof.

Chainlink allows participants to use and provide this data, but it does not run its blockchain. Instead, it runs on various blockchain simultaneously. It also allows for a secured connection to external data sources, payment, and APIs system.

Currently, the Chainlink trend on the market has been at a steady price. Jan 23 saw Chainlink values reach a $9.2 billion cap, after achieving a feat of exceeding Bitcoin Cash earlier in the week. One of the catalysts which lead to this price surge is the rumored information about Grayscale planning to add a Chainlink product.

Know the price of LINK, the cryptocurrency of the Chainlink project in real time and do your own analysis.


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