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Cardano (ADA) – Price


Cardano is an open-source, non-profit cryptocurrency token for payments. Founded by Charles Hoskinson, a co-founder of Bitshares and Etherum, he left Etherum because of a dispute about keeping it as a non-profit token.

He co-founded a blockchain company with the sole purpose of developing Cardano and also join with Cardano Foundation and Emurgo. They named the platform after Gerolamo Cardano and the currency Ada Lovelace.

It reached a record of $600 million market cap when launched, and by 2017 ending $10 billion. In 2018, it reached a value of $33 billion, but a general tightening of crypto in the market saw it drop back to $10 billion.

Cardano makes use of Ouroboro’s proof of state and does not have a white paper. Instead, design principles were created to prevent problems seen in other cryptocurrencies; sponsored by initial coin offering.

Currently, Cardano creators are developing a feature that will allow the network to handle smart contracts.

here you will be able to know the ADA price of Cardano’s cryptocurrency and watch live its evolution.


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