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For the past few years, I've spent countless hours perfecting all aspects of digital marketing. I've mostly worked with blogs, where I concentrated on early-stage growth hacking across hundreds of verticals. I have changed my focus to assisting Blockchain and web3 firms. In the last few months, my team and I have worked with tons of Blockchain start-ups. Having a demonstrated track record in offering marketing solutions and assisting the team in translating corporate strategy into efforts that generate engagement, profitability, and success, I am super prepared to extend my service to all interesting blockchain projects. Every day, I want to make a difference and leave a lasting beneficial impact on my community and the world at large. This I accomplish by assisting Blockchain brands and organizations in developing the best content for effective marketing that connects and converts prospects to customers. As a strong team leader with superb communication skills and advanced technical knowledge, I am working in a variety of environments and establishing pleasant and productive working connections at all levels for my firm. I am an expert in the following areas: - Social Media Marketing - Content Marketing - Copywriting - Search Engine Optimization - Email Marketing - Lead Generation - Influencer Marketing - Public Relations - Paid Advertising - Media Buying - Strategic Analysis - Competitor Analysis - Diversified marketing of Crypto niche Shoot me a message on Telegram @cryptoquater or [email protected] for further discussions Cheers!

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