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Winnie Lingham is waiting for the “next” bitcoin-bubble



Greed investors will lead to a new bitcoin-bubble. So says the CEO of the American startup Civic Winnie Lingham, writes Bitcoinist .

“Do I think we will have another bubble?” Probably because people just don’t learn. When Bitcoin breaks through $ 20 thousand again, it will return to $ 100 or so, ”Lingham said.

According to him, the December “bubble” and its subsequent collapse is easily explained by imbalances of supply and demand.

Lingham is of the opinion that scalability issues are a barrier to the massive adoption of Bitcoin. He also believes that developers should be on the market because of their faith in their project, and not because of mercantile considerations.

Note that in February, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements Agustin Carstens said that Bitcoin is a bubble, a pyramid and an ecological disaster in one person.

In March, a cryptographer and pioneer in the field of smart contracts, Nick Sabo , criticized analysts who stick to bitcoin labels like “bubble” or “tulipmania”.

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