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Wikipedia tests web monetization using XRP and Coil



Former Chief Technical Officer of Ripple (XRP), Stefan Thomas, broke up with the company to lead another company called Coil. This firm is aimed at using the Interledger protocol to help monetize the Internet in a way that makes it more vivid for users and content creators. This means that the contribution of each person to the content will be rewarded.

According to early announcements, Coil's first product will be a subscription to a flat rate for customers, which will allow them to support content creators on their favorite websites.

A member of the Vibrant XRP community, Hodor, explains this in a recent message as follows:

"Web-based monetization is now the basis for supporting a new kind of Internet – in which content creators can be rewarded for their services, applications and creations, without relying on confidentiality and destroying the concept of web advertising."

Wikipedia and XRP

Recently in his tweet, Ripple's technical director, David Schwartz, explained that Coil is now available on Wikipedia. This means that Coil allows users to make donations to Wikipedia in the form of XRP.

Brad Garlinghouse retook the record of David Schwartz.