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What can trigger the next bitcoin boom?



In recent weeks, the situation in cryptocurrency markets has been at least monotonous. Over the past few days, despite the 17% increase in XRP, the total market capitalization of digital assets has been stable, being in the range of 200 to 220 billion US dollars.

At the moment, the market needs to push it in the right direction, and this could be the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Krypto experts predict that the cryptocurrency market will inevitably grow. However, significant growth may begin either before the end of this year, or in a few years.  

A well-known blockchain investor, Oliver Isaacs, said that a rally in a cryptocurrency market may occur soon after the US Securities and Exchange Commission approves Bitcoin ETF.

Isaacs also claims that the current situation is similar to what happened with the price of gold in 2003:

The price of the precious metal rose by more than 300% after ETF approval.

Many crypto investors are confident that the approval of Bitcoin ETF can be the catalyst that will push the market in the right direction for everyone and the leading digital currency may eventually rise to more than $ 22,000.

And what do you think about this?