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Vitalik Buterin proposed to scale Ethereum using ZK-SNARKs technology




The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin proposed to use the ZK-SNARKs zero-disclosure protocol, initially applied in the ZCash network, for on-site scaling of the platform.

This approach will allow to convert transaction data into so-called compressed proofs, the size of which remains unchanged regardless of the number of inputs. According to Buterin, special relay nodes can aggregate transactions, while receiving a commission.

He is convinced that this will help to increase the number of transactions per second in the Ethereum network 24 times, and for ERC-20 tokens – 50 times. Thus, the second crypto currency network can process about 500 transactions per second.

Buterin also stressed that the relay nodes will have to perform significant calculations, but expressed confidence that more and more developers will concentrate their efforts on the development of such technologies.

Earlier, BlockchainJournal published exclusive material, analyzing the challenges that Ethereum faced.

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