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Vitalik Buterin plans to scale Ethereum with zk-SNARKs technology



The technology created by Zcash can help to scale Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin said at a research forum last Saturday, CoinDesk reports.

Buterin believes that using zk-SNARKs technology , the Ethereum network can potentially scale up to 500 transactions per second without relying on second-level scaling solutions such as Plasma or Raiden.

As CoinDesk writes, zk-SNARKs allow you to compress large amounts of information, into so-called compressed proofs, which have a constant size, regardless of the amount of input data.

Buterin said :

"We can scale the transaction of assets on Ethereum for a huge amount using zk-SNARKs for bulk transaction confirmation."

Continuing, Buterin describes a method that includes a "relay" node, a kind of computer that performs the task of aggregating transactions in exchange for transactional fees.

According to Vitalik, this technology can increase the transaction speed "~ 24x for ETH and ~ 50x for ERC-20 tokens ."

Later on Twitter, Buterin wrote that zk-SNARKs scaling solutions can alleviate the existing workload that Ethereum blockbuster faces.

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