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Veteran Wall Street Dodds joins Coinbase



Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors believe that blockchain technology will help change the banking system forever. Given that the blockchain allows you to process payments more efficiently and at lower cost than with traditional banking operations, many people are interested in a complete modernization of the financial world.

Now, many on Wall Street are leaving their financial firms to join cryptocurrency companies. It was recently revealed that Chris Dodds, who had previously been a senior advisor at The Charles Schwab Corporation, had joined the board of directors of Coinbase.

Coinbase Statement:

Collaboration with Chris Dodds is part of our great efforts to empower financial services, we are now moving on to the next chapter in the development of the company and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

It is worth noting that The Charles Schwab Corporation is not only one of the largest banks in the world, but also the third largest asset. Dodds held various corporate positions related to financial planning and analysis, corporate development, etc.

Of course, Chris Dodds is a valuable acquisition for Coinbase, because it will bring them not only their deepest knowledge in the financial industry, but also the entire accounting experience.

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