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United Traders – investments in IPOs of American companies and cryptocurrency



United Traders (hereinafter UT) is the oldest and largest prop-trading company in Russia, founded in 2009. He specializes in trading American stocks and IPOs. Since 2017, United Traders has been actively trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Key differences between United Traders and other US stock brokers :

  • individual leverage conditions,
  • individual risk manager (the ability to limit daily losses on the broker's side),
  • advanced features in short positions.

That is why many professional American stock traders trade in United Traders.

Although UT has direct access to the American exchanges NYSE, NASDAQ and BATS, but by main activity it is not a broker, but a corporate trader. The task of the company is not to provide a trading platform, but to trade independently, attracting (and sometimes training) capable traders from the outside for this.

The term "prop-trading" came from the English word proprietary, which means "private". In terms of the volume of exchange operations and the scale of the planned innovative projects, UT has no analogues among private trading companies in Russia.

Brief Company History

The head office of the company is located in Moscow, and 3 people stood at the origins: Roman Vishnevsky, Dmitry Belousov and Anatoly Radchenko. The company has representative offices in cities such as Chelyabinsk, Kiev, and St. Petersburg. So there is development, even if it does not go at an explosive pace.

United Traders is licensed by the Bank of Russia for brokerage activities No. 045-13982-300000 of 05/18/2016. You can familiarize yourself with the United Traders license on the broker's website .

Official website of United Traders

Cryptocurrency Investments on the United Traders Platform

Investments in 10 altcoins separately became available in the United Traders marketplace: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, EOS, Stellar, Monero, Dash, Cardano and NEO.

Advantages of investing in cryptocurrencies on the United Traders platform :

  • Market price . Buying and selling the product is carried out at the exchange price, in contrast to Telegram bots and online exchangers offering a price 30% higher than the market.
  • Speed . Exchange takes place instantly, in one click. Deposit and withdrawal of funds takes from a couple of minutes to 2 days, depending on the method of replenishment.
  • Convenience . The minimum investment amount is only $ 10. You can pay by card or transfer to a bank account with a minimum bank commission.
  • Ease of opening an account . To open an account, a scan of a passport or other documents is not required, unlike crypto exchanges.
  • Low commissions . 2% for entry and 2% for exit, unlike commissions in exchangers, which can reach 15%.
  • Transparency After the purchase, you can track the change in profit in real time in your account (section "My open investment").

For several years now, United Traders customers have been able to invest in the first cryptocurrency – Bitcoin , on the same conditions. In addition, UT has developed an index fund of 15 altcoins called IType. In 2019, its profitability amounted to over 122%. In general, since the beginning of the year, assets in the altcoin segment have doubled on average.

We recommend allocating funds in the amount of 5-10% of the investment portfolio to cryptocurrency products. Investments in cryptocurrencies are designed for the long term, but the terms are unlimited – the client can close the transaction at any time.

By investing in cryptocurrencies through the UT platform, the investor makes a profit due to the difference in the purchase and sale prices, as with futures contracts, but does not become the owner of the asset itself.

Investment in IPOs of American companies

United Traders has been investing in various IPOs since 2012 and has gained tremendous experience in this type of investment and has positive statistics with high returns.

  • High profitability is formed by buying shares at a discount directly from the owners of the company. We purchase shares right before the IPO and sell in 3 months, selling 40% on average per transaction.
  • Quick turnover of funds . The placement period is a maximum of 3 months.
  • Low entry threshold . By participating in the IPO procedure with United Traders, you have a minimum entry threshold of $ 5000. In comparison, you will need several million dollars to buy shares before an IPO directly from the company.

United Traders Trading Platform

The broker has its own platform + access to several popular terminals:

  • Aurora is an in-house development, multi-market platform that allows you to trade US and Russian stocks, futures and currency. Perfectly customizable for each user. Aurora platform can be downloaded directly from the company's website. As for the cost of its use, it all depends on the tariff, as well as on exactly where you plan to work
  • PairTrader is another development of the company that provides direct access to the NYSE , the ability to sort pairs by specified parameters, in the background, the data of the main indicators of the pairs can be calculated. You can set alerts. The program will be useful for those who work on market-neutral strategies.
  • Fusion platform – the development of another company focused on proprietary trading. In the past, it was called Blackwood, now – Dimension . Allows trading stocks using AMEX , NYSE , NASDAQ . Of the features, I note the ability to see information not only on my own position, but also data on orders that have been opened by large players, market makers. This allows you to better understand what is happening in the market.
  • Sterling Trader Pro – in the past – is probably one of the best platforms. It should be decent, but the functionality is up to par. Despite the fact that now there are many competitors at a more modest price, many traders still continue to work on it, obviously, out of habit. You can set up your desktop literally as you wish, and for the minimum possible set of quotes per month you will have to pay $ 200
  • Laser Trade – useful for those who trade intra-day American stocks. Of the features – a response time of 1 ms, you can work with its use on AMEX , NYSE , NASDAQ
  • Volfix.NET is an ideal option for working in the derivatives and stock markets on the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges . The platform supports complex orders , it is possible to perform volumetric and cluster analysis, there is a rating of traders.

Most brokers offer the opportunity to open a demo account in the forex or stock market, United Traders is no exception.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

For users, United Traders offers various ways to deposit and withdraw funds. To replenish the account, you need to register with a broker, deposit the amount, choosing a convenient way to transfer funds:

  • Bank transfers
  • Debit and credit cards Visa / MasterCard.

Asset types

  • Stocks
  • Bonds,
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Options
  • Futures.

Available exchanges

  • Moscow Exchange
  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • Bats
  • HitBTC

UT Challenge: selection of traders on a competitive basis

The main activity of UT is related to aggressive intraday trading. To do this, the company attracts traders who undergo rigorous selection on a competitive basis.

Theoretically, anyone can become a trader in UT. To do this, at the first stage, you need to fulfill a number of standards in a tournament called "UTChallenge" on a demo account. After that, the candidate is given the opportunity to trade on a live account with the right to withdraw part of the profit.

There are several tournament nominations and they differ by market, stringent conditions and cost of participation (from $ 9 to $ 299). The requirements, the violation of which leads to the disqualification of a participant, include the following:

  • It is forbidden to transfer transactions to the next day (except for contests of the "Big" category);
  • Do not exceed the daily loss limit;
  • Some contests stipulate a minimum daily number of transactions;
  • A limit on the number of days without a single transaction can be set.

There are no restrictions on participation in tournaments; it is allowed to do this as many times as you like.

Applicants who successfully complete the tournament receive ratings corresponding to the difficulty of the tests. The amount of the future real account (up to $ 300,000) and the restrictions that will have to be observed without fail depend on the rating received.

By entrusting large sums to a newcomer, the company bears risk, therefore, a risk manager observes the trader, quickly closing potentially dangerous transactions.

If a trader shows consistently high results, his account can be increased. The decision is also made by the risk manager.

In case of failure (exceeding the limit of losses or shortage of planned profit), the trader is temporarily or permanently suspended from trading. After that, he can again participate in the selection competitions on a common basis and apply for a real account. A successful trader should not relax either: as his skill and profit grow, his requirements increase. The dropout is very hard.

ICO United Traders

In the fall of 2017, UT conducted a powerful advertising campaign about the ICO of their own cryptocurrency UTToken . According to the roadmap, it was supposed not only to release the next cryptocurrency, but tokenize all the functionality of United Traders and implement a number of related projects:

  • Create a UTEX cryptocurrency exchange designed to enter the top 3 of the world rating;
  • Make UTToken the internal currency of UT until the bonuses are awarded to traders and pay salaries to employees;
  • Make UTToken a means of payment when replenishing a trade deposit;
  • Create a darkpool based on UTEX, allowing the exchange of major cryptocurrencies at the most favorable rates;
  • Participate in third-party startup ICOs using the UTEX functionality;
  • Significantly expand the investor's dictionary on

The platform is still in operation, with varying degrees of availability of individual modules.

United Traders Company Reviews

The network contains a large number of diverse reviews of trading with the broker United Traders.

Among the advantages of a broker, traders note:

  • favorable terms of trade,
  • high quality service
  • stable operation of the terminals,
  • unique approach to trading,
  • quick response to questions of support managers,
  • professional education,
  • the ability to trade on a demo account.

Most often, users respond negatively about the following problems:

  • terminals
  • inaccuracy of quotes,
  • a long withdrawal of funds
  • incompetence of technical support.

To summarize

United Traders Stock Broker is one of the young but dynamically developing companies in our country and abroad, which seeks to provide profitable trading in the financial markets to both beginners and professional traders.

For almost 8 years, the organization has been actively working, achieving high results and leading positions among market competitors. Users are invited to take advantage of prop-trading, – mutually beneficial trading with the company's capital, as well as low tariffs, access to trading on leading Russian and international exchanges, professional training with the possibility of further employment in the company.

A separate advantage of the company is the development of an innovative service that ensures stable trade. The network contains a large number of reviews about the work of the broker, while there are more positive aspects, although now customers have identified enough problems in the company's service, which should be optimized.

Publication date 08/16/2019
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