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Ukraine has developed a bill on 5% taxation kriptovalyut



The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law on the introduction of 5% -18% taxation of digital assets, such as tokens and crypto-currencies .

The draft law on the taxation of crypto-active assets No. 9083 was developed by 23 deputies of various factions and involves the imposition of a 5% tax on individuals and legal entities working with virtual currencies.

Starting from January 1, 2024, the profit related to the crypto currency will be subject to 18% tax at the base rate.

As the authors of the bill note, according to preliminary estimates, the property of Ukrainians has crypto-currencies and other virtual assets worth about 100 billion UAH.

"The introduction of financial operations with crypto-active assets in the legal field will contribute to additional attraction to the country's budget in 2019-2024 of about 1.27 billion UAH every year," the explanatory note to the project says.

The new bill is aimed at the withdrawal of a large volume of operations from the gray zone in order to increase the revenues of the state budget and stimulate the development of legal crypto business in Ukraine.

"The most likely draft law, already worked out, verified, is registered, and which takes into account existing realities. Ukraine does not position itself as a crypto-orphan, but it has all chances to become one of the most understandable jurisdictions for crypto-economics , "said Artyom Afyan, managing partner of the legal company Yuskutum, in a Facebook publication.

In mid-August, the Ukrainian Rada announced that the law fixing the status of a financial asset for crypto-currencies will be adopted this year or next year. It is also worth noting that the Financial Stability Board of Ukraine in July adopted a new concept for the regulation of the crypto-currency market, which defines the functions of state authorities in the regulation of these instruments.