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Two ETF funds have been launched on the Stock Exchange of Canada for investment in blocking



The Canadian company Coin Capital Investment Management Inc. (Coincapital), the investment and asset management division of the regulated trading cryptographic platform Coinsquare, announced the launch of two traded funds (ETF) on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX):

  • Coincapital STOXX Blockchain Patents Innovation Index Fund (LDGR),
  • Coincapital STOXX BRAI.N. Index Fund (THNK).

It is expected that ETF data will provide investors with access to new technologies, including block , through companies that are world leaders in this field.

With the help of LDGR it will be possible to invest in companies that invest in research and development in the blockboy sector and use the AI ​​algorithm to select suitable companies. Based on the iSTOXX Yewno Developed Markets Blockchain data, the main criterion for identifying innovators and prospective companies will be their patent applications in the field of using blocking technology.

The second fund will open access to the areas of AI, robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology. ETF will track the iSTOXX Developed Markets index BRAI.N, taking into account companies that receive 50% of the profits in these areas.

"Canadians know that technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockage will change our way of life and work, but without serious expertise, access to high quality investments in these sectors can be difficult.
We want to work for investors, using our in-depth knowledge of the industry to provide Canadians an innovative range of investment solutions, which will help them to invest in new technology without having to be an expert, "- said the head of Coincapital Lewis Bateman (Lewis Bateman).

Recall that in August Coinsquare announced its intention to enter the European market by the end of the year and provide new customers with the opportunity to conduct transactions with Bitcoin , Bitcoin Cash , Ethereum , Litecoin , XRP , Dogecoin and Dash "at the security level that the platform is famous for in Canada."