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Twins Winklewoss plan to bring Gemini crypto-exchange to the UK market



Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, creators of the crypto currency trading platform Gemini, are seeking to expand the exchange to the UK market.

According to CoinMarketCap, Gemini Trust, based in New York in 2014, currently holds the 58th place among the largest crypto-exchange markets around the world.

Twins Winklewoss now hired advisors to oversee the potential expansion into the UK market.

"We continue to explore potential jurisdictions around the world to provide the best-in-class crypto currency trading service that will provide growth and infrastructure for the entire digital asset community."

The firm is currently "approaching" the filing of an application with the local financial sector supervisory authority – the Financial Action Authority (FCA) – to obtain a license for the stock exchange.

Only last week, members of the US Parliament appealed to the FCA, which generally does not regulate crypto-currencies, with the exception of certain regulations, to intensify their actions and take the necessary measures to create a regulatory framework.

They also argued that by adopting regulatory measures, the UK could become a "global hub" for the crypto currency industry.

Gemini is already working as a fully compatible provider of the crypto currency store and trading services in the US, having been formally approved by the New York City Financial Services Department (NYDFS) to work in strict compliance with the state's BitLicense requirements from 2015.

Recall that not so long ago Gemini Winklewoss launched the crypto currency "Gemini dollar", which was designed to defeat Tether. On the same day, when stiblcoin was launched from Winklewos, Paxos announced a similar news that its stebblecoin was approved by the regulator of New York.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst of Freedman Club Crypto News
Image from Fotolia