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Tron (TRX) is gaining momentum as more developers move to the




The other day, the Tron project reached a new milestone – there were 2.53 million transactions recorded per day, and the daily increase in accounts was 32,293.

The founder and CEO of the project, Justin Sun, noted that they achieved such high rates at the expense of the developers from the Ethereum and EOS networks who migrated to Tron.  

Looking at the previous and future developments of Tron, it becomes clear that the bear market did not affect the project's progress beyond the TRX market value:  

  • two decentralized exchanges that fully function ( and   TRX.Market);
  • 10th place in the Coinmarketcap rating (Tron overtook Cardano ADA's cryptocurrency);
  • Justin Sun encourages developers to switch to the platform through the $ 1 Million Accelerator program;
  • NiTRON Summit 2019, which will be held in January, and much more.  

Many experts are confident that, despite the current bear market, the Tron project will continue to grow as it expands its reach in developer and investor communities around the world. Thanks to the creation of DApps on the platform and regular meetings at which development is discussed, the project will most likely overshadow many, as it shows no signs of slowing down.

At the time of this writing, the cost of the TRX is $ 0.012, and the market capitalization is $ 838 million.  

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