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Tron (TRX) – Ethereum killer?



Following the recent announcement of the Tron Accelerator contest, the Tron network is moving forward at a fast pace. TRX is also one of the few cryptocurrencies that maintain a stable price against BTC in a bear market.

In a recent interview for CodeXpert, Tron spokesman Tom Mao, who is involved in technical writing and the media department, said that:

Tron solved the scalability issues that were present in Bitcoin and Ethereum. These old coins lead to inefficient use of energy and the creation of centralized mining cartels. We solved all these problems on Tron using a unique system where TRX owners have the right to vote for Super Representatives. This helped democratize and decentralize the ecosystem.  

On the question of whether Tron is the Ethereum killer, Mao hinted that the reason for the creation of the Throne was to solve the scalability problems faced by such coins as Ethereum. And Tron managed to solve all these problems with the help of unique solutions.

Also Tom Mao added the following:  

The cost of developing smart contracts for Tron is half cheaper than Ethereum. In addition, Tron has a transaction speed of 2,000 TPS compared to 10-15 TPS for Ethereum. From the point of view of prospects in development and business, I think that Tron has great advantages over Ethereum. In addition, Ethereum is not very environmentally friendly, because it uses a lot of energy for the extraction of blocks.

Tom spoke in detail about the latest developments in the technical field, saying that Tron has released many interesting development tools. He also urged developers to transfer their DApps from Ethereum to Tron.

And what do you think about this? Will Tron (TRX) replace Ethereum over time?