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TRON again goes to a new level: 1 million accounts and 100 million contracts



TRON's blockchain project now has over 1 million accounts and has reached 100 million registered contracts.

TRON founder Justin Sun congratulated all users of the project on Twitter:  

The number of TRON addresses, or users, grows from 10,000 to 40,000 per day. According to, the growth of TRON user addresses now looks like this:

This is good news for TRON, but the addresses of its main competitor, Ethereum, are also growing rapidly. shows that the address of Ethereum increases by more than 50,000 per day.

TRON Dapp's weekly report released the news pointing to the “rapid expansion” of the TRON ecosystem. The number of Live DApps TRON over the past week has increased by 20 and reached 61, one of the new applications is the TRON own decentralized exchange market.

Today, when the cryptocurrency market is recovering again, the TRX price has risen by almost 10%, Bitcoin (BTC) by about 7%, and Ethereum (ETH) by more than 17%.

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