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Trezor hardware wallets are temporarily not authorized ETH addresses via MyEtherWallet



Trezor hardware cryptocell users experience problems accessing their ETH address when using the popular Myetherwallet (MEW) service .

When you try to unlock the wallet, you receive the following error message :

“TypeError: ArrayBuffer, Array, or Array-like Object. Received type undefined.

Commenting on what is happening, a Trezor representative insists that the problem is on the side of MyEtherWallet and an error report has already been submitted to GitHub MEW.

It turns out problems on the side of MEW appeared yesterday and in its recent message on Twitter, representatives of MEW advise to clean the cache, although it is possible that this has nothing to do with the new access problem for Trezor users who cannot use the service, despite clearing the cache and upgrade hardware firmware wallet to the latest version.

Important! No user reported loss of funds, but simply could not access their ETH .