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Trezor fake hardware wallets have appeared, how can you tell a fake?



The developers of the Trezor hardware cryptographs have discovered the fake Trezor One, which are full copies of the device.

The company said that they could not guarantee the work of such equipment, and in addition, they recommended that users don’t trust their funds “to those who have once deceived” by offering a fake product. However, lawyers of the company have begun legal procedures aimed at protecting clients.

“We recommend not to use such a device and inform us about it – it will help to fight with the scammers and provide you with a genuine device ,” added Trezor.

Among the characteristic signs of a scam is called a lower price and a different quality of the hologram on the product, which can be verified by the company's prompts at the beginning of work with the device.

Recall that at the end of October in the Trezor cryptograph, it became possible to carry out a direct exchange of cryptocurrencies without having to leave its interface and despite the fact that users are not required to register and verify according to the KYC policy. And about 10 days ago , updated software for Trezor Model T (2.0.9) and Trezor One (1.7.1) models was presented .