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Trade in the crypto currency market in 2018 exceeded the corporate debt of the US



According to a new report of the consulting company Satis Group, the volume of trade on the crypto currency market in 2018 already exceeded the corporate debt of the United States. In the fifth regular study of crypto-currency assets, experts note that the growth of trade in digital currencies continues even despite the decline in the price of virtual money.

Comparative statistics of traditional and digital finance

Based on historical data, the experts of the Satis Group estimated the volume of trade in crypto-currencies in 2018 at the level of 7.300 trillion dollars, which is by 243 billion more than the corporate debt of the United States, amounting to 7.056 trillion dollars.

Such data, according to the authors of the study, are quite indicative, because the market of digital assets is in a state of decline for the 8th month. All this testifies to the sharp growth of the ecosystem developing around the crypto currency .

In recent comments in the San newspaper, the crypto-currency market was compared to the "rounding error" against the background of huge equity markets, bonds estimated at trillions of dollars. However, the crypto-currency market has high speed and high volatility, which allowed the industry worth about 220 billion dollars to create a trade volume comparable to the corporate debt of the world's largest economy.

The Satis report also assumes that by 2028 the volume of the crypto-currency trade will reach 17.8 trillion dollars.

Opaque bonds, transparent virtual currency

There is a huge difference between the trade in crypto currency and corporate debt. Corporations issue large tranches of securities for trading at auctions and their subsequent circulation in the secondary market. The access of retail investors to this market is closed, and the market itself is rather opaque.

Problems on sites with crypto-currency trading have a different order and mainly concern the security of exchange and possible manipulation of the market. However, G20 finance ministers have repeatedly stated that the market is too small and does not threaten the global financial system.

In the study, Satis also compares the amount of money earned by exchanges on the fees from turnover. In 2017, this amount reached $ 2.1 billion. This year, researchers expect revenue growth of up to $ 3 billion. For comparison: the fees of exchanges trading on the global stock market are $ 2.2 billion, and brokers receive $ 2.6 billion a year from their customers.

Recall, the Satis Group study concluded that 81% of the ICO was created by fraudsters and charlatans.