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TOP-7 trends in the cryptocurrency industry for 2019, what awaits criminals?



We list seven trends that will dominate the cryptocurrency industry in the next 12 months. On the eve of 2019, the portal noted the most significant trends in the development of the cryptocurrency market.

Stablecoin perspectives

There is no doubt that the steablokoiny became the leading theme of 2018. Whether they continue to dominate in 2019 depends on what results traditional cryptoactives will demonstrate.

If the current bear market continues or deepens, then stablockcoins will continue to enjoy increased demand. If the market recovers, they will be forced into the background, making room for the usual cryptocurrencies.

The development of anonymous cryptocurrencies and protocols

The 2019th will be the year of privacy technologies and projects. In the past few years, the blockchains have lost a significant amount of anonymity, which users of cryptocurrency previously perceived as a given, but the struggle for its return has already begun.

Of course, more than one anonymous protocol will be required to restore the imbalance, so more and more developments in this area will appear. Top 11 anonymous cryptocurrency for 2018 , their features of work and differences.

In addition to the development of Mimblewimble technology, designed to increase the confidentiality of Bitcoin transactions , there is also a possibility that in 2019 Bitcoin Core will receive Schnorr signatures that will open the doors to technologies like Coinjoin. Before this happens, we will observe the emergence of many other pro-anonymous platforms, applications and protocols that are gaining popularity.

Thus, the anonymous Bitcoin wallet Wasabi Wallet will receive new users, while Ethereum can offer its own solution to the problem of transaction privacy using the Aztec protocol.

Projects such as Dust and Loki, as well as new projects, such as Resistance , working on anonymous cryptocurrency and DEX will also be developed.

STO will replace ICO

According to Amazix chief analyst Jose Macedo, in the near future, the so-called “security token offerings” (STO) will become the standard implementation model for cryptocurrency projects.

“Although utility tokens are far from dead, the industry has realized that only a few of these economic models of tokens really make sense in terms of long-term value. As a result, we see a lot of projects that turn to us for help in carrying out STO or restructuring ICO in the CTO , ”said Macedo.

He also noted that STO-projects will be actively launched in friendly territories, such as Malta and Gibraltar, where the regulatory framework has already been developed. At the same time, slower progress is expected in the US due to limited fundraising opportunities.

The growing popularity of decentralized credit networks

This year, decentralized credit networks have made great strides in terms of infrastructure development. The tools necessary for the realization of loans on bail, social loans and open financing have been debugged and have proven their effectiveness.

In 2019, these networks will begin to expand and serve those users they are targeting – “citizens of the world” excluded from the current financial system.

Credit markets and networks will be supported by growth projects such as the Dharma Protocol , GEO Protocol , Nexo, and Maker DAO.

2018 was the year of ETH, but in 2019 Maker will also start accepting BTC, ERC20 tokens, and other cryptoactives.

Begin mass use of dApps

The 2019th may be the year of mass use of one or several dApps, however 100% guarantee for this is not, since much will depend on the “acceptance” of technology by the society.

The appearance of the first viral blockchain game

Next year, the first viral blockchain game may also appear. Even if this does not happen, game projects will attract fresh investment and facilitate the trading of digital assets .

After the launch of the virtual world of Decentraland in 2019, the industry will also have a common platform for crypto games and other projects.

Other trends

In the coming year, the Bitcoin Cash community will continue to look for new ways to send and receive P2P money, while Bitcoin supporters hope that 2019 will be the year when Lightning Network will be used more widely than it is now.

Custodial services for institutional investors will improve, which will contribute to the influx of new money into the cryptospace (but not the fact that it will raise the cryptocurrency to new heights).

The launch of the Bakkt platform will also take place in 2019 , which will open access to BTC futures with physical supplies of Bitcoin, and the US Securities and Exchange Commission may finally approve the launch of Bitcoin-ETF.

Deprived of the greed characteristic of the beginning of 2018, the 2019th will be an exciting year for cryptocurrency users in all regions of the world, believes.

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