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TOP-7 Airdrop in June 2019, distribution of new cryptocurrency tokens for free



Airdrop (free distribution of tokens) has become one of the most used marketing tools of cryptospace. There are many new blockchain projects that distribute free tokens to the community, trying to increase their brand awareness and form a pool of loyal supporters.

If you are interested in receiving new and free cryptocurrencies , we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the airdrop, which should be noted in June.


Estimated cost: $ 25

End Date: June 06, 2019

AhrvoDEEX is a decentralized p2p-exchange designed for profitable stock trading, which uses multi-factor ranking systems in combination with learning algorithms that simplify the process of smart trading.

In June, an airdrop is held via AirdropRating Ahrvo, during which it will distribute $ 1,200,000 RVO tokens.

Conditions for participation

  • You need to add to the Ahrvo Telegram group and subscribe to the AirdropRating Telegram channel;
  • Follow Ahrvo and AirdropRating on Twitter ;
  • Retweet the airdrop message ;
  • (Optional) Follow Ahrvo's Facebook page;
  • Download the Ahrvo Mobile app (on IOS or Android) and create an account;
  • Fill in the form;
  • Use the same email address as when registering the application;
  • To remain subscribers in social networks until the distribution of tokens.


Estimated cost: $ 6.3

End Date: June 13

Bullex is a Dutch cryptocurrency exchange founded by DCORP . The native cryptocurrency DRPU is already represented at CoinMarketCap, it can also be found on a number of trading platforms.

Exchange software developed by DCORP is used by several exchanges around the world. DRPU is a utility token that provides discounts on trading, provides access to the benefits of the Academy and allows you to vote on which projects should be added to the platform.

Conditions for participation

  • Go to the airdrop page BULLEX;
  • Enter the details and subscribe to the newsletter;
  • Open the letter with the link to the Telegram-bot and click on the link;
  • Communicating with the bot, get a link to your profile;
  • Join the Telegram group, as a result you will receive 1 DRPU;
  • Invite 3 friends to a group and get an additional 4 DRPUs;
  • Invite 5 members to a Telegram group and get an additional 7 DRPUs;
  • Register a BULLEX account (+3 DRPU);
  • Send at least 10 messages to your Telegram group (+1 DRPU);
  • Answer the question of a community member from a Telegram group (+1 DRPU);
  • Sign up for a project account on Twitter (+1 DRPU);
  • Subscribe to the page on Facebook (+1 DRPU);
  • Sign up for an Instagram account (+1 DRPU);
  • Complete all the tasks and get a bonus of 5 DRPU tokens;
  • After completing all the tasks, send your details to the bot;
  • For completing tasks, you will receive 25 DRPU tokens;
  • For completing trading tasks you will receive another 75 DRPU.


AllSesame is a blockchain platform created to become an effective socialized global food delivery market. SST Token is the ecosystem's digital currency that will fuel AllSesame and will be a reward for users during the airdrop period.

Participation Instructions

  • Go to the airdrop form AllSesame;
  • Join the group and the AllSeasame channel in the Telegram (a prerequisite that provides +5000 SST);
  • Subscribe to the project account on Twitter (a prerequisite that provides +5000 SST);
  • Like a page on Facebook (a prerequisite that provides +3000 SST);
  • Subscribe to the channel on Youtube and like the video on airdrop (optional, +3000, SST);
  • Subscribe to Instagram on AllSeasame and click on any post (optional, +3000, SST) on Medium and LinkedIn (optional, +3000, SST);
  • Go to the Bitcointalk branch and confirm your participation (required);
  • Submit a form with a complete description of all the details;
  • After completing all the tasks, you will receive 25,000 SST tokens.


Estimated cost: $ 224

End Date: June 14, 2019

Energi plans to create an incubator program that will help develop start-ups at an early stage that are interested in using the Energi platform.

The program provides support and consultation of projects, as well as ensures the effectiveness of their economic and business models. Projects will be able to access a database of metrics and ratings that can be embedded in services.

In June, the project will hold the second airdrop.

Conditions for participation

  • You must go to the airdrop Energi page;
  • Important: only citizens of the United States, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand can participate in airdrop;
  • According to your nationality, register for 2 or 3 round;
  • Create your Energi wallet ;
  • Log into your toolbar;
  • Join the group in the Telegram (+4 NRG) and channel (+4 NRG);
  • Subscribe to Twitter account (+8 NRG), like / retweet pinned tweet (+14 NRG) and post your own tweet about Energi (+8 NRG);
  • Layknut page Energi on Facebook (+8 NRG) and layknut, comment and distribute fixed message (+14 NRG);
  • Subscribe to Energi YouTube (+8 NRG) and Discord Channel (+8 NRG);
  • Subscribe to a page in Reddit (+8 NRG);
  • Add to Energi on Github (+8 NRG);
  • Subscribe to a LinkedIn page (+8 NRG);
  • Send your data (name, Energi wallet, KYC) to the airdrop page;
  • Perform the above tasks, with the result that you get 100 NRG tokens;
  • Click "Share and earn" and send the referral link to a friend. You and your friend will receive an additional 10 NRG.


Estimated cost: $ 50

End Date: June 21

LOTEO is an online lottery that is automated using blockchain technology and smart contracts . Since the digital lottery is conducted using code rather than people, it is more transparent, there is no chance that the results will be rigged.

The lottery collects random Ethereum addresses from a user pool based on a random number generation system that will publish the code on GitHub, as well as on the Ethereum network. The winner will receive 75% of the prize pool, which will be credited to the Ethereum address.

Conditions for participation

  • You must register an account on the site LOTEO;
  • Confirm your email address;
  • Go to the airdrop LOTEO page;
  • Enter the promotional code "GAGARIN";
  • Register and enter your details;
  • Join the group in the Telegram;
  • Complete tasks and get 500 LOTEU tokens;
  • Bring a friend and get an extra 200 LOTEU.


Estimated cost: $ 20

End Date: June 29

WINGS MOBILE is a mobile operator, software developer and electronics manufacturer founded in 2007. Until 2016, the company was active in the wholesale b2b market, supplying technologies for telecom operators such as Ono (currently Vodafone), Jazztel (Orange), Tata, Belgacom, and many others.

In 2017, the company decided to enter the retail market and offer its products to the final consumer. It is also planned to develop its own distribution system. The brand is still little known, so airdrop is held to increase awareness.

BitWings Token is the native currency of the Wings Mobile platform, which is the only way to acquire the first (40,000) blockchains and smartphones based on neural technologies.

Conditions for participation

  • Go to the Bitwings Airdrop form and fill in the details;
  • Register an account on the website Bitwings;
  • Confirm your email address;
  • Join the Bitwings group and the Bitwings Airdrop group in the Telegram;
  • Follow Bitwings on Twitter, retweet tweet, tweet 1, tweet 2, tweet 3 and check off 5 of your friends;
  • Like the Bitwings page on Facebook, share posts 1, post 2, post 3 and check 5 of your friends;
  • Perform similar tasks to get additional BWN tokens;
  • After completing all the tasks, you can count on 100 BWN tokens;
  • Submit the completed form;
  • Post proof of your participation in your Bitcointalk thread .


Estimated cost: $ 50

End Date: June 29

Yezcoin is a company that provides solutions to comply with the rules of “Know Your Customers” (KYC) and “Fight Money Laundering” (AML) with blockchain companies. In order for the blockchain technology to gain mass adoption, it requires the support of the government. Yezcoin helps blockchain companies comply with government regulations.

Conditions for participation

  • You must go to the airdropYezcoin page ;
  • Log in and register in your YEZ wallet through Google or Facebook;
  • Save the private key of the wallet, click "Get" and copy the public address;
  • Join the group in the Telegram;
  • Post a screenshot of your wallet;
  • Fill in the airdrop form and send it (+50 YEZ);
  • Perform tasks on the airdrop page and get up to 250 YEZ tokens;
  • Fill out the referral form, after which you will receive 10 YEZ for each referral.

This concludes the list of the most popular airdrop, in which you can participate in June. Of course, there are many other projects offering free tokens and coins, but these promise the most attractive returns in terms of cost.

Publication date 05/06/2019
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Wells Fargo will launch stablecoin for internal settlements

Wells Fargo & Company, an American financial company, will launch Wells Fargo Digital Cash, a pilot blockchain service for internal payments, based on Corda Enterprise. According to a press release, Wells Fargo Digital Cash will provide almost instant international transfers between company branches using digitized funds (tokens). The company has already tested the concept on transfers from the USA to Canada. The launch of the project is scheduled for 2020 […]



Wells Fargo & Company, an American financial company, will launch Wells Fargo Digital Cash, a pilot blockchain service for internal payments, based on Corda Enterprise.

According to a press release , Wells Fargo Digital Cash will provide almost instant international transfers between company branches using digitized funds (tokens).

The company has already tested the concept on transfers from the USA to Canada.

The launch of the project is scheduled for 2020. Wells Fargo Digital Cash will initially provide dollar payments, but then add support for other currencies.

Recall that previously the largest US financial holding company JPMorgan developed its own stablecoin JPMCoin for making international payments to large customers.

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Wells Fargo is going to present its own stablecoin in 2020



Wells Fargo, the fourth largest bank in the US, plans to introduce its own stablecoin in 2020, which will be used in cross-border transfers.

The press release said that the new Wells Fargo platform will create an international payment network based on distributed ledger technology. With the help of this system, as well as the Wells Fargo Digital Cash asset, payments will be made. The stablecoin being developed will be pegged to the US dollar. Initially, the network will be used for internal calculations, after which it will be integrated with other applications.

Lisa Fraser, representative of Wells Fagro, noted that DLT technology has many options for use, the company believes that it can also be successfully applied in banking. In addition, Wells Fargo Digital Cash is expected to enable the company to overcome barriers that still hindered effective cross-border payments in real time.

As you can see Wells Fargo followed the example of the bank JPMorgan Chase, which also introduced its own digital currency. It is noteworthy that back in July, Wells Fargo forbade customers to use credit cards to purchase cryptocurrency and its use in transactions.

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In the Bitcoin blockchain, a record of the network hashrate and the share of SegWit transactions



is set

The volume of computing power in the Bitcoin blockchain this Monday reached a record value above 104 quintillion per second, according to Smartbit portal data.

The record was fixed after approaching the level of 100 EH / s last week and the subsequent small rollback. Before the current growth period, which began in December and accelerated in June, the previous maximum was fixed at 60 EH / s in October 2018.

As noted earlier, over the past three months , about 600,000 new ASIC miners have joined the Bitcoin network, which has led to a rapid increase in the hash rate .

Last week, another message appeared that the authorities of one of the provinces of China are taking measures to close mining enterprises on their territory.

Also today, transactionfee portal announced another record – the share of transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain using Segregated Witness (SegWit) technology for the first time exceeded 50%.

On the main Bitcoin network, SegWit was activated on August 24, 2017. The technology is aimed at solving the problems of blockchain scalability, transaction plasticity, and also allows you to implement other optimizations. After the jump to 38% last May, the spread of SegWit slowed down and until recently ranged from 40-45%.

Casa Bitcoin developer and CTO Jameson Lopp previously spoke of the proliferation of technology that responded to the congestion of the cryptocurrency network:

"Reducing the demand for transactions, improving algorithms for calculating commissions, distributing SegWit and grouping transactions have led to more efficient use of space in blocks and reduced competition for this scarce resource."

At the same time, the price of the leading cryptocurrency , having shown a steady rise in the first half of the year, has remained in a fairly narrow range over the past months and amounts to about $ 10,000.

Publication date 09/17/2019
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