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TOP-6 Airdrop in November 2018, free distribution of tokens for new blockchain projects



In the cryptocurrency world, the Airdrop tool , which allows any user to obtain a certain number of tokens, is increasingly used. As more and more digital assets are distributed free of charge, we can conclude that a competitive ecosystem has been formed.

We introduce you to the upcoming distribution of 6 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain ( standard ERC-20 ).

Mind AI

The Mind AI project focuses on artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies , its goal is to create a completely new infrastructure for parallel processing, supercomputers, etc.

The passing airdrop Mind AI will bring users up to 700 tokens depending on different conditions. The specified number of OMAI tokens costs approximately $ 7.5. Attracting new users will be rewarded with referrals.

Mobile Token Bank

Mobile Token Bank offers investors information for analyzing IEO blockchain data. By joining the campaign, users will receive 100,000 MTB tokens. The equivalent of this amount is $ 3, which indicates that this project will release billions of tokens.


Digitex futures are not new to the cryptocurrency world, however this does not prevent the team from conducting an airdrop, within which users can earn 1000 DGTX tokens. To do this, you must subscribe to the site and perform other tasks.

Rewards will receive a maximum of 5,000 users, top participants will receive 100,000 DGTX-tokens.

Cures token

Cures Token is the currency of a decentralized health ecosystem under development.

Community members can take part in the distribution by completing simple tasks, for which they will receive tokens worth $ 30.


An increasing number of decentralized exchanges are entering the market, and this is a positive fact. GoDDEX aims to become the first DEX built on the GoChain infrastructure.

Airdrop GoDDEX involves issuing 42 GODX tokens for filling out a form and completing tasks on social networks. The estimated cost of tokens is about $ 2.5, although the figure may vary.


SpringRole is a new decentralized professional certification network using blockchain technology in new versions.

Airdrop is a way to attract interest to the company. 100 tokens cost only $ 1, however, no one knows what will happen to these tokens in the future.

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Institutionals bet on bitcoin growth, positions on BTC futures doubled



One of the indicators that signal a possible change in the price of bitcoin is the number of open futures positions on the Chicago SME exchange.

In October 2019, institutional investors doubled the cost of long positions in BTC futures contracts , the Cointelegraph reports.

Institutional Investors Interested in BTC

According to a study conducted by analysts on October 22, the estimated value of the long positions of institutional investors rose to a value above 1000 bitcoins, compared with data on October 1, when this value fell below 500 BTC.

Data on long-term futures on the CME exchange indicate a turning point in the downward interest of the institutional, outlined in September 2019. The sharp collapse coincided with the launch date of physically delivered bitcoin futures from the Bakkt platform , when interest fell from 1300 VTC to below 500 bitcoins.

Analysts at Skew Markets have additionally indicated that institutional investors include:

"… pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds and investment portfolio managers."

Such analytical data may indicate the continuing desire of large investors to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Recall, the head of CFTC believes that next year, the market may begin to trade futures on Ethereum (ETH) . He also noted that in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, other cryptocurrencies can also be classified as goods.

Publication date 10/23/2019
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Tim Draper believes that Ripple coin is preparing for a sharp increase in



The investor, Bitcoin bull Tim Draper, believes that the current situation in the Ripple market can be called the “calm before the storm” – in his opinion, in the near future, the XRP rate may suffer explosive growth.

During his communication with the participants of the crypto market at the Quora forum, Draper noted that, given the three-fold increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate over the past 5 months, it can be expected that the Ripple coin will also demonstrate similar behavior.

According to the investor, the price of XRP should have already increased to about $ 0.6 or $ 0.9, taking into account all the latest developments of the project and the conclusion of new partnerships. Draper drew attention to the fact that the project is constantly improving its technology for cross-border payments. Moreover, Ripple belongs to the largest SBI corporation, which includes such a serious company as R3. So, according to the investor, everything indicates that now there is only a “calm before the storm”, that is, a calm before the explosive increase in the value of the coin.

Meanwhile, Ripple is developing further. On the eve it became known about the intention of the project to expand its presence in Washington. Brad Garlinhouse, CEO of Ripple, noted that this step will allow the company to be closer to regulators, to train them on the principle of operation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Opera became the first browser in which the built-in bitcoin-wallet




Opera web browser developers have added support for TRON bitcoin payments and cryptocurrencies to their application for Android devices, CoinDesk writes.

From now on, Opera users will be able to make payments in Bitcoin (BTC) directly from the digital wallet built into the application and interact with decentralized applications on the TRON network. According to the company, these features can help attract new holders to its cryptocurrencies from its database of 300 million users.

“Most people heard about Bitcoin, and we decided to add its support, as well as introduce a wider group of users to this function ,” said Charles Hamel, head of cryptocurrency business at Opera.

In July 2018, an Ethereum wallet was added to the Opera app for Android. The company explained this decision by its desire to contribute to the development of Web 3.0 and implement the vision of creating a decentralized Internet of the future on the blockchain. Later, the release of a cryptocurrency- oriented browser for iOS and a desktop version with support for a digital wallet took place.

Hamel claims that Opera applications are already optimized for working with Web 3.0, however, the integration of bitcoin required additional resources due to the differences of the first cryptocurrency.

“Bitcoin is a completely different phenomenon, which requires its own infrastructure and has a payment-oriented application scenario,” he added.

Publication date 10/23/2019
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