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Top 10 news of the world of cryptocurrency over the past week, from April 29 to May 5



Summing up the past week, we recall the news about the upcoming IEO Bitfinex, the release of Bitcoin Core 0.18.0, the launch of a regulated platform for the spot trading of ErisX cryptocurrencies, the closure of a large market on the darknet and other important events.

Bitcoin appreciation

The first cryptocurrency fully recovered the losses of the previous week, at some point rising in price by about 10%. According to CoinMarketCap, the highest value ($ 5,886.89) bitcoin reached on Saturday, May 4th. At the same time, the BTC capitalization rose above $ 103 billion, and the dominance index approached 56%.

The most successful indicators for the week showed Bitcoin Cash . Spurred on by the news about the future implementation of Schnorr's signatures , this cryptocurrency has risen in price by more than 11% over the past seven days, at some point exceeding the $ 300 mark.

Also note the entry into the Top 15 CoinMarketCap Cosmos token , which was added to Binance earlier this week, was a successful week for Dash (+ 9.25%; $ 120 as of 16:00 UTC on Sunday, Monero (+9.76 % – $ 67.17) and Litecoin (+ 7.73% – $ 76.30).

Ethereum is trading at this point in the region of $ 162 (+ 2.94% for the week).

Also note that a significant increase in Bitcoin hash rate was recorded this week. At the time of publication, the weighted average BTC rate was $ 5,786.74 (CoinMarketCap). At the same time, Bitfinex is trading above $ 6,000.

Will the first cryptocurrency find support at these levels and what will happen next? There are plenty of opinions on this score, including optimistic ones , however, as Tomst Lee, a leading analyst of Fundstrat, warned on the eve, the events around Bitfinex can have a negative impact in the short term.

The #DropGold promotion demonstrates the advantages of bitcoin over gold

Cryptocurrency assets manager Grayscale Investments Barry Silbert launched a campaign called #DropGold , urging investors to take a sober look at the advantages of the digital era and recognize that gold as a store of value is now inferior to bitcoin.

The main characters of advertising are trying to avoid an apocalyptic fate due to the investor's obsession with gold by adopting a digital future. Security, speed and efficiency of Bitcoin can not be ignored, according to the company.

Grayscale Investments also stressed that if 15% of its assets were transferred from the SPDR Gold Trust to Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) fund shares over the past years, the annual increase would be 15% higher than the purely “golden” portfolio.

Bitfinex Crypto Exchange will hold $ 1 billion for IEO

This week, the Bitfinex Exchange’s plans to hold an initial stock exchange (IEO) of its token were confirmed, following which it intends to raise $ 1 billion. Bitfinex plans to use these funds to cover $ 850 million, which were frozen in the accounts of the payment company Crypto Capital.

The token will be released under the ticker LEO and initially offered to a limited group of investors. Bitfinex also received verbal confirmation of the intention to purchase tokens for $ 600 million, but if the coins are not fully distributed by May 10, the campaign will go to the public plane.

It is assumed that the exchange will buy tokens at market prices on a monthly basis. For these purposes, Bitfinex intends to allocate at least 27% of its profits, but it also reserves the right to buy out the tokens within 18 months after the funds are unfrozen.

Earlier, the prosecutor's office of the State of New York filed Bitfinex charges that, having suffered a loss of $ 850 million, she concealed this fact, using the funds of the Stebcocoin issuer Tether, affiliated with her, to cover the damage.

Release of a new version of Bitcoin Core 0.18.0 with support for hardware wallets

On Thursday, May 2, the developers of the most popular client of the Bitcoin Bitcoin Core network announced the release of a new software version number 0.18.0 . The main feature of the new release was the native support of hardware wallets.

This option will allow full node operators to directly interact with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor .

At this stage, the interaction between Bitcoin Core full nodes and hardware wallets is performed using the command line, however, the developers plan to make the interface more friendly by opening the function for users who do not have specialized knowledge.

Nasdaq began to display Ripple (XRP) quotes in the XRPLX index

From May 1, the second largest stock exchange in the world, Nasdaq, began to display an index based on the third largest digital currency XRP .

The XRP Liquid Index (XRPLX) was developed by the New Zealand blockchain-based company Brave New Coin and is based on XRP spot prices denominated in US dollars. Information about the market value of the asset will be delivered in real time "from the most liquid markets."

CoinMarketCap fights cryptographic fake data

On May 1, the sixth anniversary of the start of its work, CoinMarketCap, an analytical resource in partnership with leading bitcoin exchanges, launched the Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance (DATA) initiative to collect reliable information on digital asset trading and the development of reporting standards for cryptographic.

In turn, all trading platforms submitted to CoinMarketCap are required to provide data on trades, as well as real-time market order books through the API. Sites that do not fulfill this condition within 45 days will be excluded from the calculation of trading volumes and quotations.

It is reported that such platforms have already joined the Alliance, such as:

In Germany, closed the second largest darknet market

In the framework of the joint operation of the Federal Criminal Police of Germany, the prosecutor's office and Europol, the Wall Street Market dark-marketplace servers were discovered and confiscated. Three arrests were also made.

It is reported that German law enforcement officers seized 550 thousand euros in cash, a six-figure sum in Bitcoin and Monero , several cars, computers, hard drives and other clothing evidence from the alleged site operators.

The Wall Street Market user base comprised more than a million people, of which 5,400 are listed as sellers of drugs, stolen data, forged documents and malicious software. 63 thousand offers were posted on the site.

ErisX Introduces Cryptocurrency Spot Trading Platform

On Tuesday, April 30, the ErisX derivatives exchange launched a regulated platform for the spot cryptocurrency trading. Platform users have access to pairs with Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, traded against BTC and fiat dollar.

Also, representatives of ErisX said that by now many companies have shown interest in their platform, but did not specify which ones.

The ErisX platform consists of an exchange and a clearing service, it provides the ability to securely store fiat money and cryptoactive assets.

The court ordered Craig Wright to disclose the size of his bitcoin capital for 2013

In Kleiman’s sensational lawsuit against Wright, a new turn: the court of the Southern District of California ordered nChain senior researcher and self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto to disclose the number of bitcoins he owned as of December 31, 2013, thereby satisfying the plaintiff’s claim.

Wright is also obliged to disclose the details of the functioning of a blind trust, to which a certain number of bitcoins were transferred in 2011, and also to name under oath the names of all trustees of this trust and beneficiaries. In addition, he will probably have to affirm or deny under oath that he controls the bitcoins that are in trust. A senior researcher at nChain has time until May 15 to fulfill court requirements.

In February 2018, Ira Kleiman, brother of the late computer forensic scientist and mathematician Dave Kleiman, who is associated with the creation of Bitcoin, sued Craig Wright, accusing the latter of misappropriating about 1.1 million BTC, which allegedly belonged to Kleiman.

CTO Coinbase Balaji Srinivasan left the company

On Saturday, May 4, the technical director of Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency company, Balaji Srinivasan, announced that he was leaving his post. It is assumed that the reason for the decision Srinivasana could be restrictions that did not allow him to realize his own vision of future products Coinbase.

Srinivasan took over as CTO after buying Coinbase from his startup Then the deal was valued at $ 120 million, which makes it the largest purchase by the Californian giant. appeared in October 2017 as a result of the rebranding of 21 Inc and the launch of the platform of the same name, which allows users in exchange for a bitcoin reward to perform various tasks, such as reading and answering emails.

Founded in 2013, the company initially specialized in bitcoin mining based on Intel technology. In 2015, she released 21 Bitcoin Computer, a developer device containing a mining chip, a data center, and a Linux-based operating system.

Publication date 06/05/2019
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OKEx is going to launch futures on Tron on May 20,



OKEx Crypto Exchange announced the launch of futures contracts for Tron (TRX). A new financial product will appear on the trading platform already on May 20 at 10:00 Moscow time.

Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, said that with the launch of the OKEx futures platform on the TRX, the number of transactions with a digital coin will reach 15 million per day. Note that on the eve of the network appeared information that the daily number of users of the platform of decentralized applications from Tron reached 100 thousand, exceeding the achievements of Ethereum and EOS.

The Tron project token currently occupies the 11th position in the cryptocurrency rating in terms of market capitalization. Recently, TRX was listed on the P2PB2B crypto exchange, and the number of smart contracts in the Tron-blockchain reached almost a thousand.

OKEx futures will be settled on a weekly, fortnightly, and quarterly basis. The maximum allowable shoulder size for this derivative is 20x. The new tool will combine data for the TRX / BTC pair, taking into account the performance of three crypto-exchanges – Binance, Huobi, OKEx.

TRX futures

By the way, this week the team Tron left Lucien Chen, technical director of the project. He explained his departure to the fact that TRX is no longer decentralized, now Chen is going to develop his own project, the Volume Network (VOL), which will strive to achieve the goals that were moved to the Tron Foundation.

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The Central Bank of Great Britain for the first time recognized the huge potential of Bitcoin



For the first time, a representative of the Central Bank of Great Britain commented positively on cryptocurrency and Bitcoin , in particular.

For a long time, the British financial regulator spoke extremely negatively about Bitcoin and doubted its reliability as a form of capital preservation.

For example, at the end of April, the Deputy Head of the Office for Markets and Financial Affairs of the Central Bank of the Kingdom, Dave Ramsden, reaffirmed the negative attitude of the regulator to the cryptosphere.

However, this week, the chief economist of the British Central Bank Andrew Haldane, during his speech to the students for the first time, acknowledged not only reliability, but also the gigantic prospects of Bitcoin. In his opinion, the largest cryptocurrency will be able to completely replace cash in the next 20-30 years.

Haldane said that he was following the development of the cryptocurrency industry and was aware of the existence of thousands of coins. Nevertheless, despite the fact that for the first time one of the influential employees of the British Central Bank noted the growing value of Bitcoin, the position of the regulator’s management is unlikely to change anytime soon, analysts say.

But it is quite possible that, following the chief economist, many other senior officials of the Central Bank will reconsider their position, and this will create conditions for the British Bitcoin regulator to be fully recognized as a reliable payment instrument.

Publication date 19/05/2019
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OKEx Exchange will launch TRON

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency futures. TRON (TRX) futures trading will be available from 08:00 May 20, 2019 (CET, UTC + 1). Details as follows: https: // – OKEx (@OKEx) 17 May 2019 p. The new financial instrument will be available for trading on Monday, May 20. The following are the specifications of the TRON futures: […]



cryptocurrency futures

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency futures.

The new financial instrument will be available for trading on Monday, May 20. The following are the TRON futures specifications:

Derivatives calculations will be made on a weekly, fortnightly and quarterly basis. The maximum possible shoulder size of this futures is 20x. The instrument will be based on data on the TRX / BTC currency pair from OKEx, Huobi and Binance exchanges.

OKEx also reported that more than 557 million OKB tokens were purchased and burned this week. Since the start of the program (May 4, 2019), more than 1 million native tokens of the exchange have been destroyed.

Recall the other day TRON support announced Opera browser.

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